Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sorry I Have Been Gone

Being in New York for pretty much the past month for my "real job" has put the light out on my blog. I am more than sorry that I have let this slip but I am back in almost FULL action and expect to be more active than ever after the first of the year. 
A few new things happening:
- I have started an Instagram for just my Nail polish line - "Daily Hues Nail Lacquer" @dailyhuesnaillacquer 
- I have added 6 new jewel tone HOLOs to my line. 
- The link to my shop is 
- Reminder if you ever have any questions, comments, or feedback you can easily get a hold of me via KIK @nailartjenn or send me an email,

Thanks for your patience, understanding and most of all your support! 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Product Review - Mod Lacquer

First things first, I made it back from New York City on my business trip yesterday to a load of nail mail. It was like Christmas! I am returning to New York for another 3 weeks leaving the 2nd of December. I wanted to get this review done before I left again, because I love this line, and the polish! 

I had the opportunity to do a swatch review for Mod Lacquer and I was so excited! I had just ordered my first color about a week earlier when I went on my Indie Polish buying spree when Mod did a call out on Instagram for Bloggers. I was all in! 

One of my packages when I returned was from Mod with 4 awesome minis to try. I was so excited! 

I took some macro shots of each color for you to get a closer look at:

This is Cherry Fizz, a great red with some really wonderful holographic properties to it

This is Sasquatch, a wonderful and feminine brown with awesome gold glitter flakes

This is Thunderbird, a tempting black with holographic glitters just loaded throughout

This is Revenant, a sweet blue with super fine silver glitter, and almost a purple hue to it in certain light

My first mani I did was for Thanksgiving and I used Cherry Fizz and Sasquatch. I think these two colors together just worked perfectly for today, and they make an awesome combination. I went over the ombre two times to get the desired color. I used an ombre effect and then drew a turkey for an accent nail. 

My second mani I used Thunderbird and Revenant. Thunderbird is 2 generous coats on the accent and Revenant is 2 coats. The blue and fine silver glitters in Revenant paired next to the holo glitter goodness in Thunderbird also made a great duo. 

Mod Lacquer is an amazing line with tons of creative combinations, glitters, duochromes, mini sets, full sets and anything else you could ever want. Please go check Mod Lacquer out now here on Etsy and on Instagram @ModLacquer

You will not be disappointed I promise! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Out on Business Travel - New York City Here I COME!

Hey Ladies! In case you didn't know I actually have a "regular" job besides making polish, doing my nails, reviews etc.

I am being shipped off to New York City starting tomorrow and will not be returning until November 27. Not a bad place to be doing some work for a couple weeks, and I get to go Christmas shopping in New York! I am pretty excited about that. Where should I go to buy Nail Polish? I need to find the nail polish meccas in NYC! Any of you familiar with some places I should go?

You won't see much from me though, which makes me sad.

My Etsy shop will be open, but orders will not be processed until I return during Thanksgiving Weekend. Still plenty of time though to get it to you before Christmas!

Please KIK me if you are in NYC and would like to meet up or tell me where to go to get some sweet polishes!! @nailartjenn



Feature Friday - Nail Artist Taylor Deveaux

It is that time again nail friends! I get to share with you today a gal that I think is pretty dope! She is super talented, in nail tech school right now. Kicking ass and taking names if I do say so myself! I am proud of her, I am happy that I have gotten to know her over the last few months. She SPOILS me to death when it comes to nail mail and I love her sweet and sassy personality!

Taylor Deveaux - @nailsby_Maj
Age: 24
From: Born in the Bahamas (OMG JEALOUS!) but now lives in Los Angeles, CA

Hobbies Besides Nail Polish - I love this girl, her first response was "Being a mom" Me too! We both have little girls and we are always talking about them! She also said "...student, singing with my jazz band, singing karaoke, cooking , church" I had no idea about the singing with your jazz band! I love that. I was in a jazz band as well!

What Got You Into Nail Art - Seriously, have I said how much I love this girl? She is a straight shooter, and I dig that! "If you want something done right you gotta do it yourself . Got tired of asking for something the salon could not do." Boom!

Favorite Mainstream Polish Brand - OPI and China Glaze


Favorite Indie Brand - "Besides mine of course, Free Edge, Painted Polish, and Bells Kandi" She is just starting her own line as well! Congrats, make sure to follow her on Instagram for updates. I am loving her glitter bombs! Her brand is called Goombay Gal!

One Nail Related Item You Can't Live Without? "I can't live without my cut up kitchen sponge I use for Ombre" Ha! I love doing ombre so much, I agree!

What Nail Related Item Do You Lust After? "The OPI with the 18k gold flakes in it" I think it is called "The Man With The Golden Gun" I have the Zoya one, and I love it. I will keep an eye out for you!

Favorite Design You Have Ever Done? "It would have to be a neon polka dot with a drip over it"


Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Etsy Shop for Daily Hues Nail Lacquer is now OPEN!

Greetings my nail friends!! I have finally opened my Etsy shop with my initial launch holiday collection! It features some great colors and some out of the box holiday color ideas!

Direct access to my shop is accessible here

If you have not seen my holiday line here it is!
From left to right: Grinch, Cindy Lou Hue, Baby It's Cold Outside, Mrs. Clause, and Mistletoe
Grinch is a great green glitter topper
Cindy Lou Hue is a pale pink with yellow round glitters
Baby It's Cold Outside is a pale blue, gold hue, silver glitter topper
Mrs. Clause is a fire red with red glitter
Mistletoe is a shimmer white, red square glitter, green fiber glitter topper
I have swatches of each color on my shop and if you have any questions please let me know. I am very excited to open my shop to you! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review - Flower Beauty Nail Polish

I remember watching Oprahs Next Chapter one Sunday night when she was interviewing Drew Barrymore. Drew finally got to talking about her new makeup line only available at Walmart that she was 100% involved in, and created. I finally remembered yesterday to stop by the cosmetics department and take a look at the nail polishes. I just picked up one, "Go with the flow-er". It is a very nice neutral, nude, grey / tan color. It caught my eye, as I have never seen a nude quite like this shade. 
At $4.98 a bottle you really can't go wrong. I did my normal manicure routine and applied Flower. It went on great, good formula, and nice color. Here is the finished mani:
As you can see, I had no coverage issues, the color comes out the bottle and onto your fingers with very little color variation and it is a great color for any manicure as a base for design or alone! My only real issue with this product isn't the actual lacquer, it is the packaging. That big cube cap isn't the easiest thing to hold onto and get a good grip for even application. It took me a few fingers before I had a good, albeit odd hold of the cap. 

As a side note, I picked up a new Hard Candy glitter topper in Sweet Tart and sponges it on the tips and straight applied to my ring finger. Fun and super easy!! 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review: Winstonia Store - Metallic Studs

I was awarded the opportunity to blog about and review for Winstobia Store and their metallic studs. There is also a 10% Off Coupon through December 31st for these studs, use NAILARTJENN as the coupon code. Thank you Winstonia Store!
I went on their store and was able to choose the size and style that I wanted to work with. 
I chose the 4mm rectangle and 3mm squares. I also got the squares in gold and silver and the rectangles in black and gold. So much fun! They came nicely packaged, in a perfect sized shipping envelope. Some places go a little overboard. 

My first manicure I did I wanted to show texture and have a ton of fun with the rectangular studs in gold. I used Sinful Colors new Crystal Crush colors in Purple Gleam and Treasure Chest. I wanted to create a fun pattern with these so on the purple nails I did a stair pattern, placing the studs vertically. On the teal nails I did a vertical and horizontal design to switch it up. 
Isn't this just so much fun!? The colors in the polish against the gold of the studs just makes it blend so well. 

My second manicure I did was for my NFL Gameday manicure for my Seahawks! I used the silver squares to show toughness, and strength. 

This worked perfectly for the look I wanted to attain. 

Most of you by looking at my Instagram will see I don't use a lot of "attachments" in my nail art and manicures. I never found a good glue, or a good stud that would stay on my finger, or one that didn't feel too heavy on my finger when trying to place it. These are a good width, and don't feel like my fingers are being weighed down. I did find 3 of the studs that were damaged out of the bags. 2 squares were warped on the corner and a rectangle was scraped. Out of the whole bag of studs I dismissed that. I can only imagine the number of studs they handle daily and how hard it would be to keep it all in check. I don't like putting them away and trying to pick them all up haha, you never know how many you may use. 

I have really enjoyed using these studs, and want the other shapes and sizes they have too!! 
Please go visit them online 
Here is the direct link to the studs: 
Remember to use NAILARTJENN for a 10% coupon code! Good through Dec. 31st.
I really do like these studs and will use them more!! 

Review: Revlon Parfumerie - Scented Nail Polish

Yesterday I decided to hit up my local Rite Aid for a drugstore nail polish haul. I saw an Instagram buddy review the scented Revlon polishes and was interested. I have never bought Revlon before and let's just say I may have fallen for the marketing ploy. Cute little perfume looking bottles and it smells good. Ok. I caved. I only bought 4 though, not the whole collection! Yay me, it is the small victories people. 
First I tried Bordeaux (one of my favorite types of red wines) this was a given. Wine is another huge passion of mine. I think that is why I lean towards reds and deep purples so much. I didn't know what to expect at first. I applied this pretty deep red wine color. I smelled my finger (kind of cracking up right now - imagining you all with a mental picture of me smelling my finger!) it smelled like nail polish still. I was like "WTF? I got bamboozled here!" Then I turn the bottle over a and in teeny tiny writing it says "fragranced when dry" ok got it. Haha! 
So this is two coats of Bordeaux. 
The scent is interesting. It is somewhat sweet. Not really overpowering. 

Next up is "Moonlit Woods"

This is three coats. This scent is so faint. It isn't sweet and isn't like you're smelling a tree either. But has a calm quality to it. 

Next is "Spun Sugar" 

This is 2 coats. I was really wanting this one to blow me away in the scent department. It didn't. This still had the most nail polish smell to me. Boo. 

Lastly, "Wintermint" 

This is 2 coats. Holy goodness in a bottle batman! This is like sweet, minty gum in a bottle! In love. I enjoy the awesome color, and the glitter, and almost textured look to it. 

All in all, for $5.99 a piece it was a good buy. Yes it's gimmicky, but that's why it's called marketing! I fell for it, haha. I enjoy the colors and I am glad I tried it. I may go back and get a few other colors. With or without the smells they are still good colors for a good price. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Chevron Nail Art Tutorial

So I have been house / doggy sitting for my boss since Friday last week and haven't had a lot of nail time. My situation - A 6 month old chihuahua / terrier mix, a 5 year old terrier mix, and a 16 year old deaf shi tzu mix. Oh, and plus my 5 year old daughter!
I only brought maybe 20-30 polishes with me out of my 250 some at home. It was hard and I did it so randomly I didn't know what to grab!

Last night I threw on a lovely Orly color called "Luxe". A beautiful solid gold color that is just to die for. I seriously love this color. This is 2 coats although I could have gotten away with just one for my chevron design.

I know there are several ways to do chevron nails. I haven't tried in a while so I wanted to put together a color combo that I thought would really look great against this gold color. I used Essie "No More Film" and Color Club from the Poptastic Collection; it was the purple hued one. It has no name on it.

I first took some pinking shears to cut my strips. This is what I find the easiest way to do chevron, instead of drawing the pattern on or using crafting scissors that are sometimes not sharp enough. I
also used instead of tape, my acrylic nail form stickers.

I applied the strips to the center of my nails and painted away. I flip flopped the colors on top and bottom. I kept them the same on my middle and ring, then swapped the top and bottom colors on my pinky, index, and thumb. I enjoyed to out come very much!



Friday, November 1, 2013

Feature Friday - Nail Artist Ali Zuro

Is is that time of the week already? Time for another Feature Friday!

Today I get to feature someone who I have just recently talked to, she won a flash giveaway I did about a month ago. She is so sweet, and I can tell just really has a heart of gold! Her designs are crazy good, and she has a huge following on Instagram, which is well deserved!

Ali you are pretty darn awesome!! I look forward to getting to know you better and seeing your awesome designs.

Ali Zuro - @pleasedtopleaseyou
Age: 20
From: Oregon - Yay for Pacific Northwest Chicks!

Hobbies besides nail polish - Ali is so talented and her creative juices are always flowing! She says, "I enjoy anything artistic, including painting, drawing, calligraphy, jewelry making, playing piano, etc, as well as reading, baking, and dancing!"

What got you into nail art? "I've always enjoyed taking care of and painting my nails, and when I first discovered YouTube I found amazing tutorials by Love4Nails that totally inspired me and started me on my nail art journey." Thank goodness for YouTube! That is definitely a common theme for my Feature Friday ladies!


Favorite mainstream polish brand: "Sinful Colors- inexpensive and great quality!" I agree! You have got to love a bargain and good quality at the same time. Too hard not to pass up!

Favorite indie brand: If you don't know by looking at her Instagram page, Ali is a true supporter Indie brands! I love all of her swatches. I knew she would have trouble answering this one but she tried!  "This is hard to choose, but I'm going to say Black Cat Lacquer"

One nail related item you can't live without: "Equate Non-Acetone remover! It's my favorite " I will have to try this one! I love a bargain and if she likes it, it has to be good!
What nail related item do you lust after? This is probably my favorite question to ask. I think it gets you ladies thinking about all those must haves. Ali states "...probably a UV gel/shellac system!" That is on my list too!
Favorite design you have ever done: "I think my Dino mani, because it was a design that was completely original to me, and I was really proud of them." Take a close look friends, this is so dang adorable! I love these colors and it is really a one of a kind! RAWR!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

My very own Nail Polish Line - Daily Hues Nail Lacquer

The dream is becoming a reality friends! I ordered polish supplies yesterday and am just waiting to get them all in so I can start creating some wonderful polish. I will be launching just in time for the holidays with a Christmas / Winter line and will start creating a permanent line of 10-20 polishes that I will always have available. I have some other good limited time lines in my head but I want to get the Christmas one out to you as soon as possible. I hope you are all as excited as I am! Here is my label as well. I know you will enjoy my polish line and I will enjoy making it for you!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Product Review - Orly Matte FX Flake Top Coat

Recently I reviewed the Orly FX Matte Polish and I really enjoyed the outcome, unfortunately the Flake Top Coat is not a great outcome for me. I am not sure if it was the base color that was wrong to try out or it is just the product.

I first chose a solid base color with no extra shine or shimmer - Orly "Harmonious Mess"

This is a color that I have had for a while now and not used yet. I thought this color would offset the flake topcoat well. Here is a swatch:
This is actually a really pretty color. It is grey / purple and looks really great against my skin tone. I don't know why I haven't used it before but it is probably because I just have so many polishes.
Now for the application of the Orly Matte FX Flake Topcoat. I applied 1 coat to my right and 2 coats on my left.
Top is Left and Bottom is Right
The lighting is not great I am sorry about that but I will post a pic at the end of this to show you better.
In my opinion, the top coat is not great. I like the concept of having that matte look with little multicolored flakes. It reminds me of ice on the ground with the little flecks of color.
This morning I woke up to look at my nails. They had a brown tinge to them. I am thinking it was the color I used as a base mixed with the "Green" Flake Topcoat but upon application the green really was clear almost. And my nails have bubbles in them.

Those black dots are bubbles, and are not part of the polish. Also the yellowish coloring of the flakes can also be seen. Again, the idea and concept is nice, but I am not sure about the product quality. I do however want to try this at least one more time on a different base color to see if that makes any difference in the outcome.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Show your team spirit - Sports Manicures

I have two passions in life, well not related to family...Doing my nails, and NFL Football. As I have gotten into nail art this past year I figured why not combine the two.

I am from Seattle, and used to work for the Seattle Seahawks for five years as a supervisor. It by far was my favorite job I have ever had. So much fun was had working there, meeting players, working the games, interacting with fans, and just having a fun place to work in general makes life so much easier. I think everyone deserves a job like that. I grew up with Seahawks, back when "The Boz", and Steve Largent played. I may even bleed green and blue.

I found the perfect Seahawks colors nail polish earlier this year and every week this year I have had a Seahawks inspired manicure. The two colors I primarly use are both from China Glaze and the blue is "First Mate" and the lime green is "I'm with the Lifeguard"

I have done simple to complicated designs each week and I love doing them! I just wanted to let you all know that you can combine two of your favorite things and still come out with a great look! It can be done with any sport, and team. Get creative, and don't let anything stop you! Take your favorite manicure and just switch the colors to match your team. It is so much fun!!


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bargain Finds for Nail Polish

I live in a somewhat populated area but growing up in Seattle and moving to the east side of the state there is nothing close to the amount of availability of products here as in a big city. Where I live there is a Marshall's, TJMaxx, Burlington Coat Factory, Sally Beauty, Ulta, NW Beauty, Sephora (in our JCPenny so it's small) and that's about it. I just recently remembered to start checking the first three stores mentioned above for nail polish. I know, some of you reading this are either saying "duh Jenn!" Or saying "you idiot! That's the first place I go!" I get it now, so my bad! ;) 
Anyways, so I made a quick stop yesterday to TJMaxx, and oh boy was I so freakin excited when I saw two Color Club boxes with 2 of their lines complete with 7 polishes for $9.99. I bought both of course :) and then they had some Essie colors for $4.99, Sephora by OPI 3 box sets for $9.99, Orly Perfect Pair for $6.99, and Nicole by OPI duals for $6.99 and China Glaze for $2.99. As well as some Elf polishes which I have never tried. I was shocked at the amount of nail products they had. I will definitely be stopping by there every week to see what's new. My Burlington Coat Factory was a mess but I did find an awesome blue Essie for $3.99 and my Marshall's didn't have a things but I will continue to check there too. 
I got all this plus tax for $30.00!!! 

Product Review - Orly Matte FX Polish

Each time I have gone into my local beauty supply stores like Sally, Ulta etc I see the Orly Matte FX and Matte FX top coat. I finally picked up Iron Butterfly the black / steel colored lacquer and Green Flakie Topcoat. I will be discussing the topcoat in a separate post.

It sparked my interest because I am going to a Halloween party today and I am dressing up as a raccoon :) I thought it would be a good color to go with the costume. 
I put on the first coat and noticed on same nails that if I didn't apply enough or too much that it wanted to come off with additional strokes. I did leave it alone after I saw that and moved on to the next figuring the second coat would be better. The polish is also thicker than a regular polish. I almost felt I had to hurry with the application. After the second coat, it went on much easier. I thought this polish was also textured like the Sugar Coat polishes or something similar. It actually is not it is smooth. It just has small glitters in it and reminds of a gunmetal. I actually really like it. I did not put a top coat on bit I suppose you could to take away some of the matte look. It's like 2 polishes in one :) here is the finished product. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Feature Friday - Nail Artist Mildred Edwards

Feature Friday woohoo!! I think this is my favorite part of the week! I get to brag on my favorite folks and show mad love! 

Mildred Edwards - @millnrob on Instagram
Why I chose Mildred?
She is seriously one of the most supportive and uplifting ladies when it comes to nail art. She always has something nice to say about other nail artists photos / manicures. It is really great to hear! And her humor. Oh, she can make me laugh! 

I highly suggest checking her out. Her manicures are creative, and just wonderful. 

I got the chance to ask Mildred some questions so you can all get to know her better:

Age: 32 - Her birthday is right around the corner - 11/3 
From: Virginia - Born and Raised
Hobbies besides nail polish - Pretty much polish it sounds like. And, "Bargain shopping for polish" That is totally a separate hobby in my book!
Her day job: Works for her husbands gutter business in sales. She also grooms animals to make polish money. So cute!!

What got you into nail art? "My sister took me to get my nails done for my birthday and when I would go get fills no one could do the designs I wanted so I started doing them my self. I learned loads from You Tube"

What is your favorite brand of mainstream polish? "So hard I have many different once, but Color Club would have to be my favorite, um hello? They have a holo line like no other!" Great choice my dear. I am in love with their holo line along with every one else. 

What is your favorite brand of Indie polish? I had no idea my questions we so hard. Mildred says "I can't answer with just one" She does continue saying that, "Polish Me To Go is local, and Deviant Potions has a great holo top coat, and you can turn any polish into a holo with that one." She adds, "...Luscious Potion, she has thermal holo, it's truly magical" That is one I have got to try! 

One nail related item you can't live without? "Gelish structure gel. I have the thinnest weakest nails so this gives me strength." Girl we have all been there, we need all the strength we can get! 

What nail related item do you lust after? Mildred is such a fan of her Indie Brands. She wants to get her hands on the Aussie brands. "They know how to make polish!" She exclaims. "Glam polish, and Emily de Molly"

What is your favorite design you have ever done? "...this is my favorite. It was my first perfect clean up and cuticles. Along with holo!" I agree with you girl! This is one of my favorites of yours too!
I love this mani!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ahoy Matey! Some Anchor Nail Art and Awesome Nail Polish Colors

Hi friends! Well last night I did some pretty cool nail art and added a cute little anchor on my index finger. I just wanted to go over the three China Glaze colors I used, that I have never used before. What was I thinking? I really enjoy these colors and I hope you do as well.
First up is:
Seduce me is a great deep wine color. It is matte in finish but really does have a great hue. This is a great fall color. Also, if you are in the mood for wearing a red mani, but don't want to go all out with "Hooker Red" as I call it *chuckles* you know what I am talking about. This is a great red for those moments. I feel this would look chic and classy with any outfit, day or night.
Second up is:
Fast Track is a great nude color because of the gold and very sparse red flecks in it. You can see on the label photo some of those red flecks. I had to use 4 coats of this though just on a plain nail. I would love to try this as an ombre look over a dark color such as Seduce Me or Up All Night (below). Nudes are so great, and I have really enjoyed incorporating them into my manis as they have gotten more popular.
Third up is:


Up All Night! I am in LOVE with this extra dark and deep blue. It has a deep purple undertone to it that makes this color just fantastic. I could not stop staring at this color when I put it on. 2 coats and you are good to go on this one. Excellent coverage and just such a great dark color. I think having this color next to Seduce Me just brings out the vibrant and different hues it has.

Finished product:

I took my nail art pen in Gold added the dots down the middle and the anchor on my index. For some added effect took Seduce Me and did the French tip on the pinky.
I am enjoying this mani!