Sunday, October 27, 2013

Product Review - Orly Matte FX Polish

Each time I have gone into my local beauty supply stores like Sally, Ulta etc I see the Orly Matte FX and Matte FX top coat. I finally picked up Iron Butterfly the black / steel colored lacquer and Green Flakie Topcoat. I will be discussing the topcoat in a separate post.

It sparked my interest because I am going to a Halloween party today and I am dressing up as a raccoon :) I thought it would be a good color to go with the costume. 
I put on the first coat and noticed on same nails that if I didn't apply enough or too much that it wanted to come off with additional strokes. I did leave it alone after I saw that and moved on to the next figuring the second coat would be better. The polish is also thicker than a regular polish. I almost felt I had to hurry with the application. After the second coat, it went on much easier. I thought this polish was also textured like the Sugar Coat polishes or something similar. It actually is not it is smooth. It just has small glitters in it and reminds of a gunmetal. I actually really like it. I did not put a top coat on bit I suppose you could to take away some of the matte look. It's like 2 polishes in one :) here is the finished product.