Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Meet "Cassidy" St. Patricks Day Glitter Topper

Cassidy is now available! She is a limited edition St. Patricks Day Glitter Topper, with clovers, large pink hexes, and smaller teal and lime green hexes, black and red circles, and fine red and gold glitter, in a light gold base. She is a very eclectic and happy girl!

Make your fingertips your pot o' gold with this awesome topper!!

Check out the store for this and many more on sale now!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Name my New Collection!

I have a new collection being released sometime in May, dates are not nailed down yet...but I want your help in naming it! These are fine, matte, neon glitters, with a few sparkles here and there, and they glow in the dark!

The contest is running through my Instagram page @dailyhuesnaillacquer and it ends March 1, 2014.

The rules are simple, follow me, repost the below photo, tag me and then use hashtag #dailyhuesneoncontest, also make sure your page in public so I can see.
with your suggestions for the name of the collection. It can be 1 or 10 I don't care! I want as many suggestions as I can get.

I will then choose my favorite 5 names, and hold a three day voting period. The one with the most likes will win!

I will keep the names of the people who suggested it a secret as I want this to be fair and not a popularity contest. Then I will announce after voting ends, and that person will win the a mini bottle collection! I am very excited about this collection, it is so much and perfect for summer!

Blogger / Swatchers Needed

I recently did a call out for bloggers on my IG page and got an overwhelming response. It is so great to have all the interest from everyone and people wanting to try my polish. I will be taking down the post at the end of today as I am still processing the ones that have to come to me over the last couple of days. I wish I could include all of you and will be deciding on whether or not to start doing a blogger / swatcher discount to help with funds etc. and that way all the interested bloggers can get a discount in exchange for a review. I am leaning toward something like that and I hope all of you that are interested would be ok with that. I am open to suggestions / comments / concerns.

Thank you again for your interest,and your willingness and time to swatch for me and write reviews. It is much appreciated!!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finding new or gently used polishes

There are easy ways within Instagram and Storenvy that I have been finding some new or swatched one time polishes at great prices! Lately the "destash" movement has been more and more popular on Instagram and Storenvy shops.

I even got in on the action and it is an easy for polish hoarders like myself to get rid of those not so favorite polishes and help other polish hoarders get some lemmings! It also allows polish hoarders to get some extra cash to buy more polish :) That is ultimately my goal!

There are a few easy ways to find who is having a destash sale on Instagram:

- Follow @nailthedeal as she reposts and organizes posts from Indie makers on sales, nail polish feens like myself advertising of a destash, and she also posts the circulars from Sunday papers and online deals from big box stores! She does an amazing job and she doesn't even have to do it but she does to help everyone else out!

- Search for the NEW hashtag created by @nailthedeal - #nailthedealdestash as we are enablers of each other
- Search hashtags like #destash and #polishdestash as not everyone is aware of the Nail The Deal information

- Go onto Storenvy and search Destash as well and you will find many stores open by polish lovers dedicated to their stashes!

- You can also go to my online Storenvy store Daily Hues Nail Lacquer as I am constantly updating with new polishes

Pre Order is LIVE

I am so excited to open up the pre order for the 9 NEWcolors I have available I opened up the pre order a couple of days early. Save a couple bucks in pre order pricing and in LOWER shipping prices now! I will also have some additional new colors coming in a couple months for summer, it cannot get here fast enough. I hope you enjoy the glitters, thermals and holos!

Daily Hues Nail Lacquer on Storenvy

Monday, February 17, 2014

New Preorder Colors are Available for Viewing

If you have been interested in seeing what the new colors Daily Hues Nail Lacquer has coming up you are half way there! Check out the shop and everything is listed as coming soon with product descriptions. 

On Friday I will be changing those from Coming Soon to Preorder. There will be limited quantities for preorder and the following week those will be filled, processed and shipped. The following Friday, prices will be going up to their regular cost and will be in full production just in case you miss the preorder.

Remember Daily Hues Nail Lacquer has moved from Etsy to Storenvy 

Thank you for the support always, and the encouragement!

Fun Mani!

I did this really fun mani the other day with a color called "Space Cadet" from Orly. I had been sitting on this color for a while. It is so different and unique I didn't know what to do with it. I could never figure out if I wanted to pair it with another color or just leave it as is. I finally made up my mind and came up with what you see below. It is so much fun! The duochrome color shifting in it is amazing and it has this really cool super fine maroon glitter in it. It is so pretty! I decided to add just a little fun and funk to the ring finger for accent and I think it came out wonderful! I will definitely be hanging on to this baby, and using her again!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ordering Information for New Colors

Hi friends! 
As many if you have seen on @dailyhuesnaillacquer my polish Instagram, I have a bunch of new colors coming out! I am very excited to be introducing colors that are new for me to create. I have more holos! 
Yay for holos! I have special effect holos including thermals, regular thermals, glitters, glitter thermals and much more! 

I will have a pre order in limited quantities starting February 21, with a slight discount off full price. On February 28, all colors will be regular price and be fully available! Please stand by, look for more swatches and bottle shots on my Instagram. 


Exciting things to come! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

New colors! Release Date Feb 28th

Please be on the lookout for about 8 new colors to be released at the end of February. I have sent out swatcher / blogger packets this weekend and my Instagram @dailyhuesnaillacquer will have reports of these great manicures using my new, yet to be released colors. There will be more glitters, thermals, neon holos, and thermal holos! I will always provide you with the best quality of colors and am very passionate about creating this line for you! I will also be putting others on sale to make room for new beauties. :) Stay tuned lacquer lovers, big and exciting things coming! 


As you all know by now, I am a huge Seahawks fan. I even worked for the Seahawks / NFL for 5 years when I was still in Seattle. I was with the team when they went to the Super Bowl for the first time in 2005. This win was something magical! I of course did my weekly Seahawks nails with a Super Bowl twist included on my thumb.