Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review: Revlon Parfumerie - Scented Nail Polish

Yesterday I decided to hit up my local Rite Aid for a drugstore nail polish haul. I saw an Instagram buddy review the scented Revlon polishes and was interested. I have never bought Revlon before and let's just say I may have fallen for the marketing ploy. Cute little perfume looking bottles and it smells good. Ok. I caved. I only bought 4 though, not the whole collection! Yay me, it is the small victories people. 
First I tried Bordeaux (one of my favorite types of red wines) this was a given. Wine is another huge passion of mine. I think that is why I lean towards reds and deep purples so much. I didn't know what to expect at first. I applied this pretty deep red wine color. I smelled my finger (kind of cracking up right now - imagining you all with a mental picture of me smelling my finger!) it smelled like nail polish still. I was like "WTF? I got bamboozled here!" Then I turn the bottle over a and in teeny tiny writing it says "fragranced when dry" ok got it. Haha! 
So this is two coats of Bordeaux. 
The scent is interesting. It is somewhat sweet. Not really overpowering. 

Next up is "Moonlit Woods"

This is three coats. This scent is so faint. It isn't sweet and isn't like you're smelling a tree either. But has a calm quality to it. 

Next is "Spun Sugar" 

This is 2 coats. I was really wanting this one to blow me away in the scent department. It didn't. This still had the most nail polish smell to me. Boo. 

Lastly, "Wintermint" 

This is 2 coats. Holy goodness in a bottle batman! This is like sweet, minty gum in a bottle! In love. I enjoy the awesome color, and the glitter, and almost textured look to it. 

All in all, for $5.99 a piece it was a good buy. Yes it's gimmicky, but that's why it's called marketing! I fell for it, haha. I enjoy the colors and I am glad I tried it. I may go back and get a few other colors. With or without the smells they are still good colors for a good price.