Friday, November 15, 2013

Feature Friday - Nail Artist Taylor Deveaux

It is that time again nail friends! I get to share with you today a gal that I think is pretty dope! She is super talented, in nail tech school right now. Kicking ass and taking names if I do say so myself! I am proud of her, I am happy that I have gotten to know her over the last few months. She SPOILS me to death when it comes to nail mail and I love her sweet and sassy personality!

Taylor Deveaux - @nailsby_Maj
Age: 24
From: Born in the Bahamas (OMG JEALOUS!) but now lives in Los Angeles, CA

Hobbies Besides Nail Polish - I love this girl, her first response was "Being a mom" Me too! We both have little girls and we are always talking about them! She also said "...student, singing with my jazz band, singing karaoke, cooking , church" I had no idea about the singing with your jazz band! I love that. I was in a jazz band as well!

What Got You Into Nail Art - Seriously, have I said how much I love this girl? She is a straight shooter, and I dig that! "If you want something done right you gotta do it yourself . Got tired of asking for something the salon could not do." Boom!

Favorite Mainstream Polish Brand - OPI and China Glaze


Favorite Indie Brand - "Besides mine of course, Free Edge, Painted Polish, and Bells Kandi" She is just starting her own line as well! Congrats, make sure to follow her on Instagram for updates. I am loving her glitter bombs! Her brand is called Goombay Gal!

One Nail Related Item You Can't Live Without? "I can't live without my cut up kitchen sponge I use for Ombre" Ha! I love doing ombre so much, I agree!

What Nail Related Item Do You Lust After? "The OPI with the 18k gold flakes in it" I think it is called "The Man With The Golden Gun" I have the Zoya one, and I love it. I will keep an eye out for you!

Favorite Design You Have Ever Done? "It would have to be a neon polka dot with a drip over it"