Friday, November 15, 2013

Out on Business Travel - New York City Here I COME!

Hey Ladies! In case you didn't know I actually have a "regular" job besides making polish, doing my nails, reviews etc.

I am being shipped off to New York City starting tomorrow and will not be returning until November 27. Not a bad place to be doing some work for a couple weeks, and I get to go Christmas shopping in New York! I am pretty excited about that. Where should I go to buy Nail Polish? I need to find the nail polish meccas in NYC! Any of you familiar with some places I should go?

You won't see much from me though, which makes me sad.

My Etsy shop will be open, but orders will not be processed until I return during Thanksgiving Weekend. Still plenty of time though to get it to you before Christmas!

Please KIK me if you are in NYC and would like to meet up or tell me where to go to get some sweet polishes!! @nailartjenn