Friday, October 25, 2013

Feature Friday - Nail Artist Mildred Edwards

Feature Friday woohoo!! I think this is my favorite part of the week! I get to brag on my favorite folks and show mad love! 

Mildred Edwards - @millnrob on Instagram
Why I chose Mildred?
She is seriously one of the most supportive and uplifting ladies when it comes to nail art. She always has something nice to say about other nail artists photos / manicures. It is really great to hear! And her humor. Oh, she can make me laugh! 

I highly suggest checking her out. Her manicures are creative, and just wonderful. 

I got the chance to ask Mildred some questions so you can all get to know her better:

Age: 32 - Her birthday is right around the corner - 11/3 
From: Virginia - Born and Raised
Hobbies besides nail polish - Pretty much polish it sounds like. And, "Bargain shopping for polish" That is totally a separate hobby in my book!
Her day job: Works for her husbands gutter business in sales. She also grooms animals to make polish money. So cute!!

What got you into nail art? "My sister took me to get my nails done for my birthday and when I would go get fills no one could do the designs I wanted so I started doing them my self. I learned loads from You Tube"

What is your favorite brand of mainstream polish? "So hard I have many different once, but Color Club would have to be my favorite, um hello? They have a holo line like no other!" Great choice my dear. I am in love with their holo line along with every one else. 

What is your favorite brand of Indie polish? I had no idea my questions we so hard. Mildred says "I can't answer with just one" She does continue saying that, "Polish Me To Go is local, and Deviant Potions has a great holo top coat, and you can turn any polish into a holo with that one." She adds, "...Luscious Potion, she has thermal holo, it's truly magical" That is one I have got to try! 

One nail related item you can't live without? "Gelish structure gel. I have the thinnest weakest nails so this gives me strength." Girl we have all been there, we need all the strength we can get! 

What nail related item do you lust after? Mildred is such a fan of her Indie Brands. She wants to get her hands on the Aussie brands. "They know how to make polish!" She exclaims. "Glam polish, and Emily de Molly"

What is your favorite design you have ever done? "...this is my favorite. It was my first perfect clean up and cuticles. Along with holo!" I agree with you girl! This is one of my favorites of yours too!
I love this mani!!