Sunday, August 10, 2014

Carlton Complex / Pateros Wildfire Raffle

Hi dolls! 

As most of you know I am holding a raffle for those families effected by the Carlton Complex / Pateros Wildfire in Washington state. I live just a couple hours South of this area and it has even effected this area with smoke and people with health issues. As of today the first is around 90% contained but has burned 255 thousand acres. Over 300 homes have been lost and people now have nothing.

This is why I put together this raffle.

I asked some of my indie friends if they would donate some products, I went out and purchased some product, and each prize pack will include a surprise from Daily Hues Nail Lacquer as well. Also I have a huge surprise in store for everyone who purchases a ticket no matter what price range

There are three different $5.00 prize packs and I wanted to let you know what the items in each were and their true values (not including what Daily Hues is donating)

Prize Pack 1 - Sally Hansen Original Formula - Coral Reef $3.00
NvrEnuff Polish - The Adventures of Pete and Pete $8.75

Prize Pack 2 - OPI - Black Cherry Chutney - $8.00
A England - She Walks in Beauty - $10.00

Prize Pack 3 - OPI - Pirouette My Whistle - $8.00
Arcane Lacquer - Repeat Caveat - $12.00

There are four different $15.oo prize packs

Prize Pack 1 - Ooh La Lacquer - Prototype #7 - $10.00
LynBDesigns - Teal the Crows Come Home - $6.00
NvrEnuff Polish - Kablam - $8.75
Mod Lacquer Mini - Eternal Blaze - $4.00
Nail Vinyls - Straights - $6.00

Prize Pack 2 - Painted Polish - Buzzed on Blue - $10.00
NvrEnuff Polish - Rockos Modern Life - $8.75
Bliss Polish - Gleaming - $9.00
Painting Rings Hair Clip - $10.00

Prize Pack 3 - Ooh La Lacquer - Quiet Storm - $10.00
Glisten and Glow - Stuck on Blu Basecoat - $6.95
Anonymous Lacquer - CUSTOM OOAK - Native Rain Dance - $10.00
Mod Lacquer Mini - Mystic Realm - $4.00
Nail Vinyls - Lightning Bolt - $5.00

Prize Pack 4 - Mod Lacquer - Pink Tart - $9.50
CDB Lacquer  - Spirited - $7.50
I Am Customer Color Mini - His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama - $5.00
Sally Hansen Original Formula - Pacific Blue - $4.00
Nail Vinyls - Half Moons - $5.00

There is one mega prize for $25.00 raffle ticket
I Am Custom Color - Do Your Part - $14.00
I Am Custom Color Mini - Ledaw In Syria - $5.00
I Am Custom Color Mini - Chador - $5.00
Bliss Polish - Bottle Service - $8.00
Mod Lacquer - Zero Point - $11.00
Mod Lacquer - Crystal Nail File - $8.50
NvrEnuff Polish - Are You Afraid of the Dark - $8.75
Glitter or Die - Make it Rain CUSTOM OOAK - $8.00
Sally Hansen Original Formula - Pacific Blue - $4.00
Sally Hansen Original Formula - Coral Reef $4.00
Painted Polish - Drunk on Holo - $10.00
Painting Rings - Hair Clip - $10.00
ILNP Mini - Bohemian Peacock - $4.00
Nail Vinyls - Single Chevron - $5.00
Nail Vinyls - Chevron - $5.00
Red Mountain Beauty Products - White Lemon Hand Cream - $12.00

This mega prize is worth over $105.00!! 

Please consider buying a ticket at any prize level and don't forget that there is a super surprise for everyone that buys a ticket! 

Buy one now at

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Review - Black Dahlia Lacquer

Hey lacquer loves!
I have three polishes to share with you from an upcoming indie brand expected to release in September! 
All three of these colors are really beautiful!
This brand is a mother, daughter duo and you can check them out currently on Facebook for updates / and other photos of their colors.

The first color I have for you is Strawberry Fields. It is a pretty lighter red shade, with little gold flecks / glitter. The red is so soft, and it isn't pink either. I love the subtle tones of this red. It is such a flattering color! 

The second color I have to show you is Amethyst Pansies. What a gorgeous pale purple holo! It is jammed packed with pretty holo and it again is a super flattering color. I would love to see this on a darker skin tone as well. 

The third color is Green Zinnia. This is a really pale blue with turquoise tiny flecks in it. This is a really pretty color as well. 

All in all this new brand I think is going to be great. It looks like they have taken their time to create this line. They are creative with their names too. The formula of their polishes is smooth. I did think Green Zinnia was a little on the runny side, but I adjusted how I applied and then it was fine. Also, the coverage is great. 2 Coats of Strawberry Fields, and Amethyst Pansies and 3 of Green Zinnia. The logo is nice, and I think you can notice right away who the brand is with their pretty red dahlia flower. I would suggest giving them a like on Facebook and checking out their Instagram @blackdahlialacquer for updates on releases and to see their other awesome colors!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Review - I Am Custom Color

Hi my nail loves! 

Today I have a wonderful cosmetics company - I Am Custom Color. Not only an awesome nail polish collection but eye shadows, lippies and scrubs! 
Ashlie, the owner and creator has an amazing heart! Her collection are all focused around worldy causes and a portion if sales from each collection go to those according charities! I am so happy to share this with you! 

First up is a fun green glitter topper - "Gaia Graffitti" It has so many different shapes, bars, stars, dots, squares and more. The formula is awesome. Not thick or gloppy, totally easy to apply.  I have two coats and a top coat over OPI "You are so outta lime" 

The next color is another awesome glitter bomb called "Girls of Phnom Penh" this is the capital of Cambodia and high the highest rate of child sex trafficking. I know it is underlay unimaginable to think of but also remember Ashlie is doing her part for making it better. This is two coats over OPI "Planks a Lot" with topcoat 

The next color is "Ledaw is Syria" 
C.E.D.A.W. is an UN Convention to End Discrimination Against Women in Syria. This is a black jelly also packed with tons of colorful glitter. Hearts, hexes, and tiny squares. I put on three coats, no undies and a topcoat. 

The next portion of this post has FIVE holos! 2 are customs and three are available now! 

The first custom is called "Stinky and Pink" a lovely light pink with just the right amount of holo. Formula is fabulous! This is three thin coats and no topcoat

Next up is "Global Hottie" this is out now as well. Such a gorgeous peachy, coral holo. Again, amazing quality and formula. This is three thin coats, and no topcoat. 

The next color I have is an amazing nude holo! This color is totally perfect in all ways possoble. A nude holo is fairly difficult to make and this is awesome! Two coats and no topcoat. 

I have another custom from Ashlie up next. It is called "Unicorns at Night" a fun deep green / teal holo with blue flakies. It is so so pretty. Again, formula is awesome and I love the uniqueness of this color!  Two coats and no topcoat. 

The last color is probably my favorite so I saved the best for last! And it is "Cali Bombshell" and I will tell you what this is a total bombshell. So fantastic!! Here it is in all of its glory! Shine on my friends!! 2 coats and no topcoat. 

All in all I love this brand. I love her ideas. I love her causes. I love her colors and quality. 

Right now she is having a huge sale as well as her bottles were discontinued and so she needs to clear our for new bottles. I will post a second time to review her makeup! 

Instagram: @iamcustomcolor