Sunday, July 27, 2014

Review - Dainty Digits Polish

Hey loves! Hope is well and bright in your world! 

Today I have two colors from Dainty Digits Polish! The owner / create is Anetress. I have known her for a while through the indie polish world and she is a great person. A very kindred soul, wise, and extremely professional. When she talks you listen, and when she makes a joke you laugh hard. Just a wonderful person all around. 
I bought two of her polishes from her as I try to buy and support other indies that I am able to meet and have a connection with. 

The first color is "Planetary Pearl" a great mauve / dusty rose holo filled color. I loved it! Formula is great! I did three thin coats, but you can totally do two. I just can't leave well enough alone. 
Look at that holo just gleamin in this soft and sweet color! 

The second color I have is "No Way!" Another awesome color. This one is slightly more shear so three thin coats will get you where you need to be. This is such an interesting color. Is it grey? Kinda. Is it green? Kinda. Is it black? Kinda. I think you get the point. Just a really cool color period! 
Again with the holo!! Yes yes yes!! 

Please go check out Anetress! 
Instagram - @daintydigitspolish
Store - 

She has a new collection coming out too!! Go support this great polish!! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Daily Hues Nail Lacquer Super Saturday Sale!

TODAY ONLY - Starting at 9am PST all my polishes are $6.00!! Everything no matter the color, type, ingredients, is $6.00!! All my sale polishes have also been marked down to $5.00!! 

Get them while they last, and don't be Cinderella at midnight! :) once the clock strikes 12, all the polishes go back to their normal price. 


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review - Nvr Enuff Polish

Good evening my loves! I have a brand new indie polish line to share with you! Please welcome to the indie polish world - Nvr Enuff!! It is comprised of two really dope, super cool ladies Lynnae and Alix. I have "known" Lynnae virtually for quite some time through Instagram. She has been a huge supporter of my indie polish line as well. When she announced her line I was super excited. I do not know Alix but honestly any friend of Lynnae is a friend of mine :) 

These two have come with a great line! I ordered two colors when they released. I want more! 

The first I have is "Après-Midi". A pretty steel blue with lots of fun super fine holo glitter. It took three thin coats to reach opacity. I love this color! The first photo is under regular light. The second is with flash. So darn pretty!! 

This color is subtle but also not at the same time. The holo glitter is perfect. Formula is wonderful. 

The second color I have is called "Moonstone" a reflective topper! It goes great over any dark color. I did a deep dark blue and put two thin coats over it. I was worries that just in normal light, walking around during the day that it would look a little off because if the grey flecks of reflective paint. I was wrong! I really liked the effect it gave during the day! It was so cool looking. Almost a texture effect but not - if that makes sense. Super cool for sure. You can do one coat for a little less effect as well. First photo is outside. Second is with flash. I could quite capture the reflective properties but it is for sure there! 

All in all I think this initial launch is wonderful! I can't wait to get more! The theme was light - I think they captured and took it heart. It is perfect. Please check them out! 

Store is here 
Instagram @nvrenuffpolish

Review - Born Pretty Store Water Decals

Hey nail lovies! What's shakin?

Born Pretty Store sent me a few things to review - 3 different water decals and some cute acrylic bows! 

Today I am going to try one of the water decals - the cool bright psychedelic looking ones! I have never tried water decals before so bear with me friends! 
Here are the colors I chose (not picutred is white) 
I wanted to choose colors that are in the design as well as different enough to see if it made any difference to the decals once applied. I painted each nail a different color and waited for then to fully dry. This first time I am not applying a top coat to the colors before applying the decals. The next one I review I will apply before the decals. 
Ok side note my cuticles look like dry death but I am not done with the mani and I haven't oiled and moisturizer today! Don't judge - ok you can a little bit but the finished product will be soft and smooth 😃

So the instructions are pretty basic:
- Clean your fingernails and apply a base color, let base color dry
- Remove the protective film and cut out the desired pattern. 
- Put the pattern in water for 10-20 seconds 
- Moisten the fingernail and stick the pattern into position
- Sop up the extra water with a paper towel 
- Seal with top coat 

Ok here goes nothing! 
And I will say I did it wrong on the first go around! You are supposed to peel the backing off and then place the decal. This is not like a temporary tattoo.
I peeled off and it was white with the design face down! Oops! Here we are again. Onto the next nail! 
 Ok much better! They just slide right off the backing onto your finger and you can tweezers, or nippers or like I did an orange stick. 
The decals are very pliable, and easy to work with once they slide off the backing. You don't have to rush and as long as your base color is dry you can even move it around. Very cool! I went ahead and added some dots after the finished product. 

I really like the finished product. The base color doesn't matter to the decal whatsoever. That is definately nice because the color you see is going to be the color on the nail. This watermarble like pattern is super fun and there are additional designs in the paper so many more manis can be done. The directions lacked where you are supposed to take the back off yourself then place the decal. But once I figured out it was easy from there. They do not dry or garden up quickly while removing and placing on the nail with an orange stick which I also loved. It was nice to be able to manipulate it. If they aren't completely smoothed out over your nail or have slight wrinkles the top coat smooths that out.m evenly and quickly. I can't wait to try my other decals now! 

You can get these and many other products at and you can use code NNG10 for 10% off your order!! 
Check Out the Born Pretty Store now!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Super Surprise Sale!!!

I got some super great news today! I am officially good to go to start looking to buy my first and very own home! I have been giddy all day! So I have FIVE codes - surprise1, surprise2, surprise3, surprise4, and surprise5 - they all different percentages off ranging from 15% to 50% off your total order with NO exclusions! Enjoy and happy hunting :) 

Store link is - 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Review - CDB Nail Lacquer

Happy Sunday dolls! You still staying cool? It still going to be 108 degrees today and the rest of the week! 

Today I have some swatches from CDB Lacquer and the lovely Cheyenne! She is such a gem! First, her nail art and swatches are to die for and like myself pulls double duty, does blogging / reviews and creates her own line as well she has swatched for me quite a few times and always does a fantastic job! 

She recently released the "Vivid Vixens" Collection and I am love with these colors. All bright, colorful and sparkly! I chose three of them to purchase and I now need them all! 

First up is "Spirited" this is my favorite of the bunch and is so versatile. This silver goes on so smooth and is so pretty! The first photo is three thin coats no undie. The second shows one coat over the purple which is China Glaze "Gothic Lolita". This is such a versatile color. I can't wait to put it over black, pink, blue any color really! But on it's own as well is to die for! 

The second color I have to share with you is "Attitude" a pretty and light colored sparkly teal. First photo is three thin coats. The second photo is over China Glaze "Turned Up Turquoise" again, the formula is soft and smooth. Not thick at all. I love this shade. I want to be on a beach wearing this color. And I want to try this over a black or darker blue as well. 

The third color from the collection I tried is "Fierce" a fun fiery red. Again first photo is thre thin coats and the second is over Orly "Retro Red" I love this color as well. It has the same great sparkle and same great formula as the others from this collection. This color is something I want to wear when I am out for an evening with my girls and enjoying a drink with an umbrella in it on some bar patio or a beach (but I can't get to a beach). 

For the Vivid Vixen Collection - I want them all! There is a green, orange and yellow that are awesome too! These colors are ao very versatile as you can see by my swatches and using them over like color hues. I can't wait to try them over something like black or darker hues. These colors and her formula are amazing! 

The next color I have is "Un-Birthday Party" a fun bubble gum pink with a bunc if fun and bright different shaped glitter. I seriously think this is such a fun polish. It is reminiscent of childhood to me. Just the way the pink and glitters work together. It's probably what the inside brain looked like at the age of 8! I did not have to dig for glitters or do a lot of rolling. I got glitter at every dip. This is not goopy and thick like some glitter bombs can be which I appreciated. That always make me shy away a bit but I had to have this color! 

CDB Lacquer is a great brand with great colors! I would recommend any if her colors. The Vivid Vixens rock and she has some awesome glitters too!! Check her out at her shop on Storenvy and her Instgram @cdblacquer

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Review - Goombay Gal Nail Lacquer

Happy weekend to all my nail loves! How has your week been? It has been hot hot hot here! And this dang heat isn't going anywhere either. Up to 110 next week and nothing under 100. I hope you all are staying cool!

I have 5 wonderful samples that were sent to me by quite possibly one of my favorite people, Taylor. Her and I have been nail mail buddies for close to a year now and I adore her! She has worked her booty off and became a certified nail tech and launched her own polish line all at the same time. I am super proud of her!

Ok I had a difficult time picking my favorite but one of them is definitely Bahamian Breeze. It is a thermal, sky blue polish, with teeny, super fine blue glitter throughout. I am totally in love with how subtle the change is and how it reminds me of summer sky. It has a wonderful formula, not thick or goopy, and the glitters do not sink.
Bahamian Breeze Cold
Bahamian Breeze Warm

Here is the comparison shot between the cold and warm state. Again so subtle, and gentle. An amazing thermal!

I really enjoyed this polish color. I have nothing bad to say about it. It is a great color for anyone! Below is my full mani out in the great sun. This is three thin coats, and no top coat.

The next up is Holy Holo, which is also a thermal!! Yay! A great violet / lavendar to silver thermal shift. Also a wonderful formula! This polish is seriously so much fun! No issues applying, went on smooth and easy. This is almost a one coater ladies! Seriously! I just added a second thin coat for grins because I loved applying this color so much!

Holy Holo Cold                                                                                                        Holy Holo Warm
So again this thermal is so subtle and makes a great polish! Here it is out of focus a bit so you can see all the yummy that this polish is
And here is my mani from and because it is again over 100 here it was all silver! So pretty! 

The next color I have to show off is "Red Red Wine" This is a beautiful burgundy color with a very light shimmer to it. I think this color is very sophisticated and classic. A great color for a date night with your man someplace fancy with a nice glass of red wine in your hand! Again, great formula, not streaky, goopy or thick. I did have an issue with the opacity and thought it could use more pigment. I talked to Taylor about it and she did say that this has been reformulated and I saw another photo on her IG and it was just as pretty. 

Here is my swatch and as you can see you can see my nail line but again, still a lovely color. This was 4 thin coats. 

The next one I have to show you is a pretty special one! It was named after Amber P Riley from the hit FOX Show "Glee"!!! You are asking my why right now aren't you? Ok well here is the story, Taylor did Amber's nails at the salon she works at! Amber even used her polishes and gave her a super sweet shout out on her IG page! So Taylor decided to make a polish in her honor and it is another one of my favorites!! 

It is packed with super fine, and sparkly glitter! In all of my favorite colors too! Purple, Blue and Silver. This is so jammed packed that as you can see from my photo below it really doesn't even need an undie color! I love this so much! It is fun, whimsical and a delight to stare at!! 

I used a deep dark blue from China Glaze as my undie color and then nothing on my ring finger. Oh my! I am in love with this polish! It is not thick or clumpy and goes on like a dream!! 

I will have the 5th color up for you in a little bit :) and make an edit to the post. 

Please go check out Taylor on Instagram and her shop!!
- @goombaygal_naillacquer for all her polish
_ @nailsby_maj for all her awesome nails

Her shop is on Storenvy 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Daily Hues Nail Lacquer Newsletter

My lovely nail ladies,

How are you all? I am always looking to improve communications with my customers and fans of Daily Hues Nail Lacquer and I have decided that a newsletter will be another great way to keep in touch.

I will be offering exclusive sneak peeks at colors and new releases before any one else sees them! I will also be sending out random and fun discounts and giveaways to those members that are signed up. I may be working on a LIMITED EDITION polish just for those members who are signed up to receive my newsletter as well.

I am truly enjoying all of the contacts and people I have virtually met and love hearing your feedback and seeing your lovely manicures with my polish. It truly makes my day.

I say this ALL the time but seeing my products in the public, and receiving such sweet and awesome feedback keeps me doing this!

I hope you consider signing up! You can do that here

Ciao for now,

Review - Love Angeline Stuck on Love Nail Shields

Greetings my nail lovies!

I did some nail art yesterday with my most recent order from Love, Angeline. There are so many products out now that are using the vinyl stickers for nail art and I have ordered from three of them. I wanted to show you Love, Angeline Stuck on Love Nail Shields today. 

I ordered two patterns from her, and today I will be showing you the Shattered Glass pattern. This nail shield comes in a sheet of 5. They are large though so you don't have to use all 5 separately on each nail which I like. I did 4 nails and an accent nail on my thumb and ring fingers with no design.

The shield comes unweeded, which means the inside of the glass pattern is still on the backing. I suggest running a credit card or your finger over the shield firmly before removing the shield or you will have little pieces of this design still on it and you have to pick them out. I didn't press hard enough on mine so I had a few areas I took my tweezers to got them out.

I placed the shield on my pinky first and worked my way toward the index. I figured starting at the smallest nail would be easier to work around and find open spots to move the shield from nail to nail.

I also used three different colors, and my small nail art brush to fill in each section. You can just choose your base color, and another color to go over the shield but I wanted to go for a stained glass type effect instead of all one color. The effect turned out great and I really like the colors I chose. The next time I will just used one color and go over the whole shield. I found that the shield did not always stay stuck down on my nail and it may have been because I was moving it around or had it on there too long trying to paint each open area a different color. I also dabbed the shield after removing it from my nail with a tissue just to make sure there was no residue left when moving it from each nail.

All in all I really like this product and I can't wait to use the other shape I ordered! Go check out Love, Angeline and her great nail polishes as well!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

OPI Push and Shove vs. OPI My Signature is DC

Greetings my nail friends! 

I had just recently acquired some of the Coca Cola for OPI collection and did a mani featuring "My Signature is DC" (DC) and it looked very similar to Gwen Stefani for OPI "Push and Shove" (PaS) I went into my photo archives and pulled out that photo as well. There are some definate differences between the two. You can see how smooth and more mirror like PaS is compared to DC. DC almost looks like it has a slight texture to it but it does not. It is the same silver tone though. To me they are very different after looking at both photos. I like DC better than PaS as it does not highlight every line in my nails and it also does not require the special base coat. DC is 3 thin coats and I gave each coat a little extra dry time as the metallics for me tend to streak and get blotchy. If you are looking for a silver I would definately go for DC over PaS. Or if you haven't purchased a silver since the somewhat fiasco of PaS I would definately go for DC. It's a great silver and has great coverage. I even used it again for my 4th of July mani too! I hope this helps you figuring out which OPI silver works best! 

Coca-Cola for OPI - My Signature is DC
Gwen Stefani for OPI - Push and Shove

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rafflecopter Giveaway!!

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