Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review - Flower Beauty Nail Polish

I remember watching Oprahs Next Chapter one Sunday night when she was interviewing Drew Barrymore. Drew finally got to talking about her new makeup line only available at Walmart that she was 100% involved in, and created. I finally remembered yesterday to stop by the cosmetics department and take a look at the nail polishes. I just picked up one, "Go with the flow-er". It is a very nice neutral, nude, grey / tan color. It caught my eye, as I have never seen a nude quite like this shade. 
At $4.98 a bottle you really can't go wrong. I did my normal manicure routine and applied Flower. It went on great, good formula, and nice color. Here is the finished mani:
As you can see, I had no coverage issues, the color comes out the bottle and onto your fingers with very little color variation and it is a great color for any manicure as a base for design or alone! My only real issue with this product isn't the actual lacquer, it is the packaging. That big cube cap isn't the easiest thing to hold onto and get a good grip for even application. It took me a few fingers before I had a good, albeit odd hold of the cap. 

As a side note, I picked up a new Hard Candy glitter topper in Sweet Tart and sponges it on the tips and straight applied to my ring finger. Fun and super easy!!