Friday, November 1, 2013

Feature Friday - Nail Artist Ali Zuro

Is is that time of the week already? Time for another Feature Friday!

Today I get to feature someone who I have just recently talked to, she won a flash giveaway I did about a month ago. She is so sweet, and I can tell just really has a heart of gold! Her designs are crazy good, and she has a huge following on Instagram, which is well deserved!

Ali you are pretty darn awesome!! I look forward to getting to know you better and seeing your awesome designs.

Ali Zuro - @pleasedtopleaseyou
Age: 20
From: Oregon - Yay for Pacific Northwest Chicks!

Hobbies besides nail polish - Ali is so talented and her creative juices are always flowing! She says, "I enjoy anything artistic, including painting, drawing, calligraphy, jewelry making, playing piano, etc, as well as reading, baking, and dancing!"

What got you into nail art? "I've always enjoyed taking care of and painting my nails, and when I first discovered YouTube I found amazing tutorials by Love4Nails that totally inspired me and started me on my nail art journey." Thank goodness for YouTube! That is definitely a common theme for my Feature Friday ladies!


Favorite mainstream polish brand: "Sinful Colors- inexpensive and great quality!" I agree! You have got to love a bargain and good quality at the same time. Too hard not to pass up!

Favorite indie brand: If you don't know by looking at her Instagram page, Ali is a true supporter Indie brands! I love all of her swatches. I knew she would have trouble answering this one but she tried!  "This is hard to choose, but I'm going to say Black Cat Lacquer"

One nail related item you can't live without: "Equate Non-Acetone remover! It's my favorite " I will have to try this one! I love a bargain and if she likes it, it has to be good!
What nail related item do you lust after? This is probably my favorite question to ask. I think it gets you ladies thinking about all those must haves. Ali states "...probably a UV gel/shellac system!" That is on my list too!
Favorite design you have ever done: "I think my Dino mani, because it was a design that was completely original to me, and I was really proud of them." Take a close look friends, this is so dang adorable! I love these colors and it is really a one of a kind! RAWR!