Thursday, October 31, 2013

My very own Nail Polish Line - Daily Hues Nail Lacquer

The dream is becoming a reality friends! I ordered polish supplies yesterday and am just waiting to get them all in so I can start creating some wonderful polish. I will be launching just in time for the holidays with a Christmas / Winter line and will start creating a permanent line of 10-20 polishes that I will always have available. I have some other good limited time lines in my head but I want to get the Christmas one out to you as soon as possible. I hope you are all as excited as I am! Here is my label as well. I know you will enjoy my polish line and I will enjoy making it for you!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Product Review - Orly Matte FX Flake Top Coat

Recently I reviewed the Orly FX Matte Polish and I really enjoyed the outcome, unfortunately the Flake Top Coat is not a great outcome for me. I am not sure if it was the base color that was wrong to try out or it is just the product.

I first chose a solid base color with no extra shine or shimmer - Orly "Harmonious Mess"

This is a color that I have had for a while now and not used yet. I thought this color would offset the flake topcoat well. Here is a swatch:
This is actually a really pretty color. It is grey / purple and looks really great against my skin tone. I don't know why I haven't used it before but it is probably because I just have so many polishes.
Now for the application of the Orly Matte FX Flake Topcoat. I applied 1 coat to my right and 2 coats on my left.
Top is Left and Bottom is Right
The lighting is not great I am sorry about that but I will post a pic at the end of this to show you better.
In my opinion, the top coat is not great. I like the concept of having that matte look with little multicolored flakes. It reminds me of ice on the ground with the little flecks of color.
This morning I woke up to look at my nails. They had a brown tinge to them. I am thinking it was the color I used as a base mixed with the "Green" Flake Topcoat but upon application the green really was clear almost. And my nails have bubbles in them.

Those black dots are bubbles, and are not part of the polish. Also the yellowish coloring of the flakes can also be seen. Again, the idea and concept is nice, but I am not sure about the product quality. I do however want to try this at least one more time on a different base color to see if that makes any difference in the outcome.


Monday, October 28, 2013

Show your team spirit - Sports Manicures

I have two passions in life, well not related to family...Doing my nails, and NFL Football. As I have gotten into nail art this past year I figured why not combine the two.

I am from Seattle, and used to work for the Seattle Seahawks for five years as a supervisor. It by far was my favorite job I have ever had. So much fun was had working there, meeting players, working the games, interacting with fans, and just having a fun place to work in general makes life so much easier. I think everyone deserves a job like that. I grew up with Seahawks, back when "The Boz", and Steve Largent played. I may even bleed green and blue.

I found the perfect Seahawks colors nail polish earlier this year and every week this year I have had a Seahawks inspired manicure. The two colors I primarly use are both from China Glaze and the blue is "First Mate" and the lime green is "I'm with the Lifeguard"

I have done simple to complicated designs each week and I love doing them! I just wanted to let you all know that you can combine two of your favorite things and still come out with a great look! It can be done with any sport, and team. Get creative, and don't let anything stop you! Take your favorite manicure and just switch the colors to match your team. It is so much fun!!


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bargain Finds for Nail Polish

I live in a somewhat populated area but growing up in Seattle and moving to the east side of the state there is nothing close to the amount of availability of products here as in a big city. Where I live there is a Marshall's, TJMaxx, Burlington Coat Factory, Sally Beauty, Ulta, NW Beauty, Sephora (in our JCPenny so it's small) and that's about it. I just recently remembered to start checking the first three stores mentioned above for nail polish. I know, some of you reading this are either saying "duh Jenn!" Or saying "you idiot! That's the first place I go!" I get it now, so my bad! ;) 
Anyways, so I made a quick stop yesterday to TJMaxx, and oh boy was I so freakin excited when I saw two Color Club boxes with 2 of their lines complete with 7 polishes for $9.99. I bought both of course :) and then they had some Essie colors for $4.99, Sephora by OPI 3 box sets for $9.99, Orly Perfect Pair for $6.99, and Nicole by OPI duals for $6.99 and China Glaze for $2.99. As well as some Elf polishes which I have never tried. I was shocked at the amount of nail products they had. I will definitely be stopping by there every week to see what's new. My Burlington Coat Factory was a mess but I did find an awesome blue Essie for $3.99 and my Marshall's didn't have a things but I will continue to check there too. 
I got all this plus tax for $30.00!!! 

Product Review - Orly Matte FX Polish

Each time I have gone into my local beauty supply stores like Sally, Ulta etc I see the Orly Matte FX and Matte FX top coat. I finally picked up Iron Butterfly the black / steel colored lacquer and Green Flakie Topcoat. I will be discussing the topcoat in a separate post.

It sparked my interest because I am going to a Halloween party today and I am dressing up as a raccoon :) I thought it would be a good color to go with the costume. 
I put on the first coat and noticed on same nails that if I didn't apply enough or too much that it wanted to come off with additional strokes. I did leave it alone after I saw that and moved on to the next figuring the second coat would be better. The polish is also thicker than a regular polish. I almost felt I had to hurry with the application. After the second coat, it went on much easier. I thought this polish was also textured like the Sugar Coat polishes or something similar. It actually is not it is smooth. It just has small glitters in it and reminds of a gunmetal. I actually really like it. I did not put a top coat on bit I suppose you could to take away some of the matte look. It's like 2 polishes in one :) here is the finished product. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Feature Friday - Nail Artist Mildred Edwards

Feature Friday woohoo!! I think this is my favorite part of the week! I get to brag on my favorite folks and show mad love! 

Mildred Edwards - @millnrob on Instagram
Why I chose Mildred?
She is seriously one of the most supportive and uplifting ladies when it comes to nail art. She always has something nice to say about other nail artists photos / manicures. It is really great to hear! And her humor. Oh, she can make me laugh! 

I highly suggest checking her out. Her manicures are creative, and just wonderful. 

I got the chance to ask Mildred some questions so you can all get to know her better:

Age: 32 - Her birthday is right around the corner - 11/3 
From: Virginia - Born and Raised
Hobbies besides nail polish - Pretty much polish it sounds like. And, "Bargain shopping for polish" That is totally a separate hobby in my book!
Her day job: Works for her husbands gutter business in sales. She also grooms animals to make polish money. So cute!!

What got you into nail art? "My sister took me to get my nails done for my birthday and when I would go get fills no one could do the designs I wanted so I started doing them my self. I learned loads from You Tube"

What is your favorite brand of mainstream polish? "So hard I have many different once, but Color Club would have to be my favorite, um hello? They have a holo line like no other!" Great choice my dear. I am in love with their holo line along with every one else. 

What is your favorite brand of Indie polish? I had no idea my questions we so hard. Mildred says "I can't answer with just one" She does continue saying that, "Polish Me To Go is local, and Deviant Potions has a great holo top coat, and you can turn any polish into a holo with that one." She adds, "...Luscious Potion, she has thermal holo, it's truly magical" That is one I have got to try! 

One nail related item you can't live without? "Gelish structure gel. I have the thinnest weakest nails so this gives me strength." Girl we have all been there, we need all the strength we can get! 

What nail related item do you lust after? Mildred is such a fan of her Indie Brands. She wants to get her hands on the Aussie brands. "They know how to make polish!" She exclaims. "Glam polish, and Emily de Molly"

What is your favorite design you have ever done? "...this is my favorite. It was my first perfect clean up and cuticles. Along with holo!" I agree with you girl! This is one of my favorites of yours too!
I love this mani!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ahoy Matey! Some Anchor Nail Art and Awesome Nail Polish Colors

Hi friends! Well last night I did some pretty cool nail art and added a cute little anchor on my index finger. I just wanted to go over the three China Glaze colors I used, that I have never used before. What was I thinking? I really enjoy these colors and I hope you do as well.
First up is:
Seduce me is a great deep wine color. It is matte in finish but really does have a great hue. This is a great fall color. Also, if you are in the mood for wearing a red mani, but don't want to go all out with "Hooker Red" as I call it *chuckles* you know what I am talking about. This is a great red for those moments. I feel this would look chic and classy with any outfit, day or night.
Second up is:
Fast Track is a great nude color because of the gold and very sparse red flecks in it. You can see on the label photo some of those red flecks. I had to use 4 coats of this though just on a plain nail. I would love to try this as an ombre look over a dark color such as Seduce Me or Up All Night (below). Nudes are so great, and I have really enjoyed incorporating them into my manis as they have gotten more popular.
Third up is:


Up All Night! I am in LOVE with this extra dark and deep blue. It has a deep purple undertone to it that makes this color just fantastic. I could not stop staring at this color when I put it on. 2 coats and you are good to go on this one. Excellent coverage and just such a great dark color. I think having this color next to Seduce Me just brings out the vibrant and different hues it has.

Finished product:

I took my nail art pen in Gold added the dots down the middle and the anchor on my index. For some added effect took Seduce Me and did the French tip on the pinky.
I am enjoying this mani!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Nail Art Tutorial - Tape Manicure

So I finally pulled off my first successful tape mani! I tried almost a year ago a couple of times, and they were huge nail fails so I havent done one since. This technique is using regular scotch tape cut and different widths. I will be trying regular striping tape soon.
All you need to start with is your colors of choice, tape, and some scissors:
What you need...


Step 1: Paint your base color on. For this mani I am using Color Club Halo Hues in "Angel Kiss" What a beautiful color!

Step 2 - 4: Get your scotch tape, scissors and cut away! The strips don't have to be perfect. If you do want perfect lines though you can use your striping tape. Cut as many strips as you need. My piece of tape was long enough to use on 2 nails when cut in half. The 4th picture you will see all the strips ready to be put on my nails.



Step 5: Apply the tape at different angles to create your design. They can all be a little different, which is what I love about this many. Make sure your first coat of polish is completely dry before doing this! If it isn't when you remove the tape it will take of your polish.
Step 6: Apply your top color over the tape. I used Orly "Jealous, Much"

Step 7: Peel off your tape slowly to avoid any pulling off of polish, apply top coat and you are done! I love the effect.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Nail Polish Review: Curtsy and Bow brand

I was so excited when I came across a fellow nail artists Instagram page and saw them raving about this brand "curtsy and bow". I immediately went to their Instagram page to check them out. I noticed they were doing a giveaway to their followers and the launch of their brand! I entered and I couldn't believe I won it a few days later. Not long after, my package came in the mail! Woohoo!

The first thing I noticed about the polish was not the polish itself but the cute and sleek bottles. It is organic as well! How awesome is that? So, I do my normal nail prep, and am all ready to try on "shell we dance". It is a wonderful peachy color. I end up using 2 nice coats on my nails. It has excellent coverage! I was so happy with the longer brush stick, and how smooth it went on. It almost looked as if it was gliding on. The only word I can use to describe this polish is "soft" it felt so smooth after it dried.  

I love the history behind this brand, and the color of where the inspiration for the first line of colors came from.
Please, please, please check them out at and on Instagram @curtsyandbow 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Feature Friday - Nail Artist Brittney Milliken

As I start out on my new blogging adventure, I wanted to be able to send some love to my favorite nail artists, and Instagramers as they have shown me so much love. Every Friday I will feature someone who I have gotten to know, or someone who has an amazing talent that I just want to share with you!

My first Feature Friday lady is.....*drum roll please*
Brittney Milliken - @brittneymilliken on IG
Why I chose Brittney?
She has great style when it comes to her fingertips. She "bleeds glitter"as she states in her bio on Instagram. And that is the truth. The colors that she swatches are amazing, she is such a lover and supporter of Indie Polishes and since I am about to start my line, I appreciate that! I got to know Brittney after she won one of my giveaways, and we haven't looked back! Her comments on my nail art makes me blush, she is so thoughtful, and super funny.

I highly suggest checking her out. Her manicures are flawless, her cuticles are in perfect condition which is more than I can say for myself, and she has great taste!


I got the chance to ask Miss B some questions so you can all get to know her better:

Age: 20 - She hits the big 2-1 Dec!
From: North Carolina - Born and Raised
Hobbies besides nail polish - She told me none - She is "completely consumed by nail polish". That isn't a bad thing girl!
She does however like to play board games (me too!!) and is addicted to Netflix (who isn't?)
Her day job: Manager at a Retail Store

What got you into nail art? "My best friend and I use to paint our nails all the time! I stuck with it and she kind of slacked off more with it. I got really into seeing other ladies on IG doing nail art and I had to give it a try." Brittney says. She, like many of us turned to the Internet for tips and tricks. She continues "I bought my first set of dotting tools, and watched YouTube tutorials religiously and just kept practicing." Nail art can be pretty time consuming as most of us know, she did mention that she hasn't much time lately to do nail art, but does swatch and show of her lovely manicures almost daily.

What is your favorite brand of mainstream polish? O.P.I. - great choice! She states, "I just love the formula and those brushes are so easy to work with." Amen sista!

What is your favorite brand of Indie polish? Squishy Face Polish - what a cute name! She describes this brand as having great customer service, and everything about the line fits her personality. "I'm a Squishy Face girl for life!" Brittney exclaims.

One nail related item you can't live without? "I can't live without my cuticle oil! I would seriously die!" I think we all would if we couldn't have cuticle oil. She goes on to say "Cuticle care is extremely important to me." Then she continues to inform me that she is even trying to help her boyfriend out! I love that, I give my boyfriend manicures every so often as well. Good job girl!!

What nail related item do you lust after? Brittney and her Indies, I love her for it! The one thing she wants the most is Pipedream Polish in Pink Elephants, and Lemonade. "I've wanted them for the longest time and just haven't brought myself to do it yet. But soon they will be mine. I am also dying to get my hands on the color club holo polishes!!"

What is your favorite design you have ever done? "...this water marble because I just love the way it turned out. It was my first successful water marble..." I agree with you girl! This is one of my favorites of yours too!
I love this mani!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nail Art Tutorial - Simple Bow Manicure

I created this mani a few days ago and decided to show how easy it is to recreate it!
Step 1 - find a base color. Make sure it is light enough for a top color and black to go over. 
Step 2 - this shows my colors and the teeny tiny brush I used to trace 
Step 3 - if you have ever done a cloud mani this will be well understood. Start about half way up the nail, paint a line down
Step 4 - take the next line about half down from the first on step 3. It looks kinda of like a heart on its side 
Step 5 - take your fine brush and trace the top of the heart
Step 6 - take your fine brush and make two oval shapes under the middle of the heart. Add a colored dot in the middle. Topcoat and done!

Song Review: Nikko Gray - Nail Polish

Ok this song is so adorable I had to share it! It is all about Nail Polish. The beats to this song are enticing, smooth, and easy to listen to. The genre I would say is Neo Soul which is something I listen to all the time! Just read the lyrics, I mean how does a nail polish addict NOT groove out and relate to this awesome song?! :) Enjoy my friends, I always get a little smile on my face when I hear it on my tunes...

Pull it out my File
Gimme a Base Coat
Wait a little while

Pickin' out my Colors
Somethin' bright
Or I might just stick to Red
If it turns his head

"Cotton Candy"
"Deep Blue Mystery"
"Silver Gold Leaf"
Laquer it
Laquer it on me
"Lime Green Dance"
"Tropical Sand"
"Future Loverman"
I wanna be ready to hold your Hand

Gotta do this right
Cause last time
I was in a hurry
I messed up but don't worry
See now I got time. . .
"Gimme a design"
Whatever you like. . .

Before we let it dry. . .
Gimme Gloss and Shine
See, my date is waiting
Waiting outside.

"Cotton Candy"
"Deep Blue Mystery"
"Silver Gold Leaf"
Laquer it
Laquer it on me
"Lime Green Dance"
"Tropical Sand"
"Future Loverman"
I wanna be ready to hold your Hand.

Metallic Marker Review for Nail Art

Yesterday I was at Hobby Lobby (I think I could live there!), I wanted to pick up some metallic markers for nail art. I posted yesterday the simple nail art design I ended up doing with them, and here is my full review of the two.

On the left we have a pretty popular brand - Pilot and the 2 pack of markers, silver and gold. These are the markers you have to shake and then press down on the tip to get the flow of ink going. Be careful, I started pressing and pressing and then boom ink all over the paper and my fingers! The tip though is very fine and very sturdy. It is better for dotting work than the line work I decided to do. You get the 2 for $5.99

On the right is Permapaque brand. I have never heard of this brand of pen / marker, but I liked that right on the package it said No Shaking vs the Pilot brand. I pulled out the silver and opened the marker. It was like a Sharpie tip but a little bit finer than a regular sharpie. I really liked it for lines. I was impressed with how easy it went on over the nail polish (after it was dry - remember yesterday I mentioned that the polish has to be totally dry!) and it dried fast! You get the 3 colors for $8.99

All in all both of these brands will do better at different things I think. Pilot brand for dotting and Permapaque for line work. Just be careful with how much pressing and shaking you do with Pilot, and I am hoping the Permapaque brand wont dry out too fast and I will be able to use for a long time.

If you have any questions or would like to know more. Let me know! Thanks!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New technique with metallic markers

So I tried to use a metallic marker today. Seen other nail artists use them for line work in picture and video tutorials. I thought what the heck lets give it a shot. The outcome is pictured. Not bad not great either. I was thinking I was using it on paper but oh duh! It's my nails :) so I need to approach drawing on my nails with these a little differently. I do like how fast it took to apply and dry. This is great for a quick throw something together mani if you don't have a lot of time. I also tried 2 different metallic pens which I will review in a seperate blogpost!

Ombre Nail Tutorial

I know there are a TON of Ombre Nail Tutorials out there for the masses. I just wanted to add mine to the bunch as well. I love doing Ombre and I think it is a quick design to do but you get a great outcome!

Step 1 - Paint your nails white, or a light color like nude. I have used a nude a few times and got a more neutral or toned down look

Step 2 - This is just genius! Who ever came up with this should earn a medal or something :) Take your everyday triangle makeup sponge, put your colors on that you want to use for your ombre (I do 2 or 3 - my nails are short so I usually can't fit more than that)

Step 3 - Align the sponge on your finger, dab once, take a peek and make sure all is still even then apply your colors again like in Step 2, have a dabbing party...until you reach your desired colors. You may need to do Step 2 a few times

Step 4 - That is just show you what I got after I reached the desired color.

Step 5 - Take a nice strong angle brush, I get mine at Hobby Lobby. Pour some remover into the cap, or small bowl. Dip into the polish remover and go around the skin and nail to remove the mess

Step 6 - Throw your topcoat on and you are good to go!

I have also started using the horsehoe nail form / stickers and put them around the base of my nail to eliminate some mess / clean up. I get them at Sally's on a big roll. Super cheap.

People Style Watch Magazine Oct 2013

I just wanted to share my full gratitude to People Style Watch Magazine for being featured in their magazine for manicure / nail art. Picture attached. It is truly gratifying to be put in print, and be shown all around. I know there are far better nail artists out there than me too, but I pull inspiration from all of them! It is truly amazing and humbling to be featured. Thank you!!

And the nail posts begin~

Greetings my dear nail polish friends! I have begun this blog to share my photos that are currently on Instagram and also prepping for the launch of my Nail Polish Line which should be out late 2013 / early 2014. I am so excited to get started on this endeavor, to open an online shop, and to share my passion with the world. Thank you so much for support and I hope to use my blog to get my name out there, share tips and tricks, product reviews, tutorials, and photos of my nail art! I can't wait!

P.S. Remember to check me out on Instagram!