Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Product Review - Orly Matte FX Flake Top Coat

Recently I reviewed the Orly FX Matte Polish and I really enjoyed the outcome, unfortunately the Flake Top Coat is not a great outcome for me. I am not sure if it was the base color that was wrong to try out or it is just the product.

I first chose a solid base color with no extra shine or shimmer - Orly "Harmonious Mess"

This is a color that I have had for a while now and not used yet. I thought this color would offset the flake topcoat well. Here is a swatch:
This is actually a really pretty color. It is grey / purple and looks really great against my skin tone. I don't know why I haven't used it before but it is probably because I just have so many polishes.
Now for the application of the Orly Matte FX Flake Topcoat. I applied 1 coat to my right and 2 coats on my left.
Top is Left and Bottom is Right
The lighting is not great I am sorry about that but I will post a pic at the end of this to show you better.
In my opinion, the top coat is not great. I like the concept of having that matte look with little multicolored flakes. It reminds me of ice on the ground with the little flecks of color.
This morning I woke up to look at my nails. They had a brown tinge to them. I am thinking it was the color I used as a base mixed with the "Green" Flake Topcoat but upon application the green really was clear almost. And my nails have bubbles in them.

Those black dots are bubbles, and are not part of the polish. Also the yellowish coloring of the flakes can also be seen. Again, the idea and concept is nice, but I am not sure about the product quality. I do however want to try this at least one more time on a different base color to see if that makes any difference in the outcome.