Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ombre Nail Tutorial

I know there are a TON of Ombre Nail Tutorials out there for the masses. I just wanted to add mine to the bunch as well. I love doing Ombre and I think it is a quick design to do but you get a great outcome!

Step 1 - Paint your nails white, or a light color like nude. I have used a nude a few times and got a more neutral or toned down look

Step 2 - This is just genius! Who ever came up with this should earn a medal or something :) Take your everyday triangle makeup sponge, put your colors on that you want to use for your ombre (I do 2 or 3 - my nails are short so I usually can't fit more than that)

Step 3 - Align the sponge on your finger, dab once, take a peek and make sure all is still even then apply your colors again like in Step 2, have a dabbing party...until you reach your desired colors. You may need to do Step 2 a few times

Step 4 - That is just show you what I got after I reached the desired color.

Step 5 - Take a nice strong angle brush, I get mine at Hobby Lobby. Pour some remover into the cap, or small bowl. Dip into the polish remover and go around the skin and nail to remove the mess

Step 6 - Throw your topcoat on and you are good to go!

I have also started using the horsehoe nail form / stickers and put them around the base of my nail to eliminate some mess / clean up. I get them at Sally's on a big roll. Super cheap.