Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Metallic Marker Review for Nail Art

Yesterday I was at Hobby Lobby (I think I could live there!), I wanted to pick up some metallic markers for nail art. I posted yesterday the simple nail art design I ended up doing with them, and here is my full review of the two.

On the left we have a pretty popular brand - Pilot and the 2 pack of markers, silver and gold. These are the markers you have to shake and then press down on the tip to get the flow of ink going. Be careful, I started pressing and pressing and then boom ink all over the paper and my fingers! The tip though is very fine and very sturdy. It is better for dotting work than the line work I decided to do. You get the 2 for $5.99

On the right is Permapaque brand. I have never heard of this brand of pen / marker, but I liked that right on the package it said No Shaking vs the Pilot brand. I pulled out the silver and opened the marker. It was like a Sharpie tip but a little bit finer than a regular sharpie. I really liked it for lines. I was impressed with how easy it went on over the nail polish (after it was dry - remember yesterday I mentioned that the polish has to be totally dry!) and it dried fast! You get the 3 colors for $8.99

All in all both of these brands will do better at different things I think. Pilot brand for dotting and Permapaque for line work. Just be careful with how much pressing and shaking you do with Pilot, and I am hoping the Permapaque brand wont dry out too fast and I will be able to use for a long time.

If you have any questions or would like to know more. Let me know! Thanks!