Sunday, July 27, 2014

Review - Dainty Digits Polish

Hey loves! Hope is well and bright in your world! 

Today I have two colors from Dainty Digits Polish! The owner / create is Anetress. I have known her for a while through the indie polish world and she is a great person. A very kindred soul, wise, and extremely professional. When she talks you listen, and when she makes a joke you laugh hard. Just a wonderful person all around. 
I bought two of her polishes from her as I try to buy and support other indies that I am able to meet and have a connection with. 

The first color is "Planetary Pearl" a great mauve / dusty rose holo filled color. I loved it! Formula is great! I did three thin coats, but you can totally do two. I just can't leave well enough alone. 
Look at that holo just gleamin in this soft and sweet color! 

The second color I have is "No Way!" Another awesome color. This one is slightly more shear so three thin coats will get you where you need to be. This is such an interesting color. Is it grey? Kinda. Is it green? Kinda. Is it black? Kinda. I think you get the point. Just a really cool color period! 
Again with the holo!! Yes yes yes!! 

Please go check out Anetress! 
Instagram - @daintydigitspolish
Store - 

She has a new collection coming out too!! Go support this great polish!!