Saturday, July 12, 2014

Review - Goombay Gal Nail Lacquer

Happy weekend to all my nail loves! How has your week been? It has been hot hot hot here! And this dang heat isn't going anywhere either. Up to 110 next week and nothing under 100. I hope you all are staying cool!

I have 5 wonderful samples that were sent to me by quite possibly one of my favorite people, Taylor. Her and I have been nail mail buddies for close to a year now and I adore her! She has worked her booty off and became a certified nail tech and launched her own polish line all at the same time. I am super proud of her!

Ok I had a difficult time picking my favorite but one of them is definitely Bahamian Breeze. It is a thermal, sky blue polish, with teeny, super fine blue glitter throughout. I am totally in love with how subtle the change is and how it reminds me of summer sky. It has a wonderful formula, not thick or goopy, and the glitters do not sink.
Bahamian Breeze Cold
Bahamian Breeze Warm

Here is the comparison shot between the cold and warm state. Again so subtle, and gentle. An amazing thermal!

I really enjoyed this polish color. I have nothing bad to say about it. It is a great color for anyone! Below is my full mani out in the great sun. This is three thin coats, and no top coat.

The next up is Holy Holo, which is also a thermal!! Yay! A great violet / lavendar to silver thermal shift. Also a wonderful formula! This polish is seriously so much fun! No issues applying, went on smooth and easy. This is almost a one coater ladies! Seriously! I just added a second thin coat for grins because I loved applying this color so much!

Holy Holo Cold                                                                                                        Holy Holo Warm
So again this thermal is so subtle and makes a great polish! Here it is out of focus a bit so you can see all the yummy that this polish is
And here is my mani from and because it is again over 100 here it was all silver! So pretty! 

The next color I have to show off is "Red Red Wine" This is a beautiful burgundy color with a very light shimmer to it. I think this color is very sophisticated and classic. A great color for a date night with your man someplace fancy with a nice glass of red wine in your hand! Again, great formula, not streaky, goopy or thick. I did have an issue with the opacity and thought it could use more pigment. I talked to Taylor about it and she did say that this has been reformulated and I saw another photo on her IG and it was just as pretty. 

Here is my swatch and as you can see you can see my nail line but again, still a lovely color. This was 4 thin coats. 

The next one I have to show you is a pretty special one! It was named after Amber P Riley from the hit FOX Show "Glee"!!! You are asking my why right now aren't you? Ok well here is the story, Taylor did Amber's nails at the salon she works at! Amber even used her polishes and gave her a super sweet shout out on her IG page! So Taylor decided to make a polish in her honor and it is another one of my favorites!! 

It is packed with super fine, and sparkly glitter! In all of my favorite colors too! Purple, Blue and Silver. This is so jammed packed that as you can see from my photo below it really doesn't even need an undie color! I love this so much! It is fun, whimsical and a delight to stare at!! 

I used a deep dark blue from China Glaze as my undie color and then nothing on my ring finger. Oh my! I am in love with this polish! It is not thick or clumpy and goes on like a dream!! 

I will have the 5th color up for you in a little bit :) and make an edit to the post. 

Please go check out Taylor on Instagram and her shop!!
- @goombaygal_naillacquer for all her polish
_ @nailsby_maj for all her awesome nails

Her shop is on Storenvy