Wednesday, July 2, 2014

OPI Push and Shove vs. OPI My Signature is DC

Greetings my nail friends! 

I had just recently acquired some of the Coca Cola for OPI collection and did a mani featuring "My Signature is DC" (DC) and it looked very similar to Gwen Stefani for OPI "Push and Shove" (PaS) I went into my photo archives and pulled out that photo as well. There are some definate differences between the two. You can see how smooth and more mirror like PaS is compared to DC. DC almost looks like it has a slight texture to it but it does not. It is the same silver tone though. To me they are very different after looking at both photos. I like DC better than PaS as it does not highlight every line in my nails and it also does not require the special base coat. DC is 3 thin coats and I gave each coat a little extra dry time as the metallics for me tend to streak and get blotchy. If you are looking for a silver I would definately go for DC over PaS. Or if you haven't purchased a silver since the somewhat fiasco of PaS I would definately go for DC. It's a great silver and has great coverage. I even used it again for my 4th of July mani too! I hope this helps you figuring out which OPI silver works best! 

Coca-Cola for OPI - My Signature is DC
Gwen Stefani for OPI - Push and Shove