Sunday, July 13, 2014

Review - CDB Nail Lacquer

Happy Sunday dolls! You still staying cool? It still going to be 108 degrees today and the rest of the week! 

Today I have some swatches from CDB Lacquer and the lovely Cheyenne! She is such a gem! First, her nail art and swatches are to die for and like myself pulls double duty, does blogging / reviews and creates her own line as well she has swatched for me quite a few times and always does a fantastic job! 

She recently released the "Vivid Vixens" Collection and I am love with these colors. All bright, colorful and sparkly! I chose three of them to purchase and I now need them all! 

First up is "Spirited" this is my favorite of the bunch and is so versatile. This silver goes on so smooth and is so pretty! The first photo is three thin coats no undie. The second shows one coat over the purple which is China Glaze "Gothic Lolita". This is such a versatile color. I can't wait to put it over black, pink, blue any color really! But on it's own as well is to die for! 

The second color I have to share with you is "Attitude" a pretty and light colored sparkly teal. First photo is three thin coats. The second photo is over China Glaze "Turned Up Turquoise" again, the formula is soft and smooth. Not thick at all. I love this shade. I want to be on a beach wearing this color. And I want to try this over a black or darker blue as well. 

The third color from the collection I tried is "Fierce" a fun fiery red. Again first photo is thre thin coats and the second is over Orly "Retro Red" I love this color as well. It has the same great sparkle and same great formula as the others from this collection. This color is something I want to wear when I am out for an evening with my girls and enjoying a drink with an umbrella in it on some bar patio or a beach (but I can't get to a beach). 

For the Vivid Vixen Collection - I want them all! There is a green, orange and yellow that are awesome too! These colors are ao very versatile as you can see by my swatches and using them over like color hues. I can't wait to try them over something like black or darker hues. These colors and her formula are amazing! 

The next color I have is "Un-Birthday Party" a fun bubble gum pink with a bunc if fun and bright different shaped glitter. I seriously think this is such a fun polish. It is reminiscent of childhood to me. Just the way the pink and glitters work together. It's probably what the inside brain looked like at the age of 8! I did not have to dig for glitters or do a lot of rolling. I got glitter at every dip. This is not goopy and thick like some glitter bombs can be which I appreciated. That always make me shy away a bit but I had to have this color! 

CDB Lacquer is a great brand with great colors! I would recommend any if her colors. The Vivid Vixens rock and she has some awesome glitters too!! Check her out at her shop on Storenvy and her Instgram @cdblacquer