Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review - Love Angeline Stuck on Love Nail Shields

Greetings my nail lovies!

I did some nail art yesterday with my most recent order from Love, Angeline. There are so many products out now that are using the vinyl stickers for nail art and I have ordered from three of them. I wanted to show you Love, Angeline Stuck on Love Nail Shields today. 

I ordered two patterns from her, and today I will be showing you the Shattered Glass pattern. This nail shield comes in a sheet of 5. They are large though so you don't have to use all 5 separately on each nail which I like. I did 4 nails and an accent nail on my thumb and ring fingers with no design.

The shield comes unweeded, which means the inside of the glass pattern is still on the backing. I suggest running a credit card or your finger over the shield firmly before removing the shield or you will have little pieces of this design still on it and you have to pick them out. I didn't press hard enough on mine so I had a few areas I took my tweezers to got them out.

I placed the shield on my pinky first and worked my way toward the index. I figured starting at the smallest nail would be easier to work around and find open spots to move the shield from nail to nail.

I also used three different colors, and my small nail art brush to fill in each section. You can just choose your base color, and another color to go over the shield but I wanted to go for a stained glass type effect instead of all one color. The effect turned out great and I really like the colors I chose. The next time I will just used one color and go over the whole shield. I found that the shield did not always stay stuck down on my nail and it may have been because I was moving it around or had it on there too long trying to paint each open area a different color. I also dabbed the shield after removing it from my nail with a tissue just to make sure there was no residue left when moving it from each nail.

All in all I really like this product and I can't wait to use the other shape I ordered! Go check out Love, Angeline and her great nail polishes as well!