Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 Untrieds Challenge: Sweet Heart Polish

Happy Hump Day! I am so happy about today's post. I was part of a group buy on Facebook and Sweet Heart Polish was the featured maker one month so I went a little crazy and bought 8 colors including a group custom. I have had them in my stash for a couple of months and now I am sharing them with you today!

I have 4 pastel cremes and 4 holos!

First swatch is: "Te Amo"

So pretty right? This is 3 thin coats. The first coat is really patchy but this color builds up nice and comes out looking smooth and silky. It is my idea of a perfect pink

Next is: "Huckleberry Cheesecake"

Purple is my favorite color ever, and I love this shade! It is so bright and totally cheered right up. Application is similar to Te Amo, started patchy but came out looking great after 3 thin coats. 

Next is: "Pillow Mints"

This right here was my lemming from this brand. I love the baby sky blue, the name everything. I died over this. Again 3 thin coats, but my last coat was a little thicker to even everything out, Self leveled with top coat and is absolutely gorgeous! 

Next is: "Key Lime Pie" 

I think I am just a sucker for pastel cremes. This is also amazing. This however was the hardest to build up and not look patchy. I can still notice some on my pointer finger. Regardless still a great color and I can't wait to take all 4 of these cremes and do some crazy cool nail art. 

Next is: "Smurf Poop"

This was the group custom! I love the name! This teal holo is amazing. I think the color is spot on, the holo is just right and the application is flawless. 3 thin coats and you are good to go. 

Next is: "Sultan Abu"

Not gonna hold back, this is my favorite color I own from this brand. I don't think I have ever seen a shade of purple holo like this before. There is a little duochrome action in there too, if you notice my middle finger around the light reflection there is this lighter pink / purple shade running though there. Freaking stunning. 2 coats and its good.

Next up: "Dahlia"

This deeper holo has some glitter floating it as well. Smooth application, and a wonderful royal purple tone.  Great holo and of course in my fave color. This is 2 smooth coats. 

Last is "Believe"

A lovely black holo in 2 coats. You can't go wrong. This has a slight jelly consistency which would be fun as a base to a pond mani maybe? I want to stamp over this in a bright color and I think it would make an excellent contrast. 

I love Sweet Heart Polish! I have been lusting after this brand for some time and the group buy was a perfect opportunity for me to grab some. I am so glad I did and I can't wait for more! 

More Information about Sweet Heart Polish: