Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Untrieds Challenge: Grim and Glamorous

Hey everyone! Well I just celebrated my 3rd anniversary of my 29th birthday this weekend and it was a great birthday! Filled with lots of love, family and friends. I was able to get to some swatching yesterday evening for my 2016 untried challenge which helped round out the weekend. I have 5 colors to show off today! All these colors come from the lines Discotek Collection and there are a few left in stock as well in mini sizes. Shop information will be linked at the end of the post.

First is: "Disco Inferno"

This is my favorite of the bunch, which actually surprised me. I totally love this nude / tan scattered holo. It has wonderful coverage and went on so smooth! This is 2 thin coats but you could totally get away with 1 thicker coat. Retails at 6.00 for mini

This is a light pink scattered holo again, with great formula and coverage. I was a tad worried when I picked up the bottle because of the separation I saw. You can still see some in the photo as well. But after some good shaking it didn't seem to effect the polish at all. Such a pretty color for Spring I think too. Retails at 6.00 for mini.

Next is: "Night Fever" 

Night Fever is a really nice grey / black scattered holo as well. I had some issues with pooling around the cuticles so you have to be careful to have a steady hand, and also use thinner coats. These polishes are really great at coverage and could totally be a 1 coater. 

Next is: "Fly Robin Fly"

A sky blue scattered holo that also applied super smooth. I really like this shade too! It leans a little grey in the photo but it is a more sky blue in person. 

Next is: "Funky Town" 

This is a very different shade of lavender, one I have never really seen. Again the photo leans grey but it is a very pretty soft lavender, this is the only one that definitely needed 2 coats. 

Overall Grim and Glamorous is a fun newer indie line that I found. I look forward to seeing what else comes out of this brand. The one negative I had which I contacted the maker about was the bottle caps were on way tight. I had to struggle to open the bottles. I know you don't want to have spilling in transit etc so it is great she is aware of that, but they were on too tight and I was getting frustrated. After I got them open and used the polish I was glad I didn't give up :) they are great colors! 

The shop also offers body products too, and I will be going back and getting some to try. 

Information about Grim and Glamorous:
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