Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Untrieds Challenge: Glam Polish

Today I have all my Glam Polish pretties to show off. I have 2 more in my collection but I have used them before in previous manis. I didn't realize I had quite a few of these polishes. I have 9 to show you and of those 9, 8 are fantastic but 1 I had major trouble with.

I will start with the trouble maker: :"Frozen Heart"

I was really disappointed with this one. The color is pretty spot on but the silver flakies were folding over as I was applying, wouldn't lay right and I had quite a bit of pooling happening. Just a big nope for this. I really tried too, took it off a few nails and started over, but it didn't matter what I did. I may add a couple of drops of thinner and try again, but not right now. 

Next is "Banished":

I love this so much! A burgandy, wine color with holo and fire red hex glitters. This was 2 easy coats, felt a little textured but top coat evened everything out. I really like this color tone. 

Next is "Red Handed"

This pretty red holo is not as rich in color like "Banished" but it still gorgeous nonetheless! This was 3 thin coats to reach opacity. It is a little pink in undertones, but it is so warm and lovely. 

Next is "Peace Of Mind"

My personal favorite of the bunch! This periwinkle holo is so stunning. I just stared at my nails forever. 3 easy coats and so gorgeous!! 

Next is "Pictures In My Head"

This is a close 2nd for my favorite! The gold tone to the minty color is amazing. Almost a 1 coater, really opaque. It was so smooth regarding application. I love this color as well. 

Next is "Sleeping Beauty"

This holo is also a stunner. A lovely deep blue to purple ducochrome with just the right amount of holo showing through. 2 easy coats.

Next is "Selfless, Brave & True"

Another duochrome holo that is amazing! This is my favorite out of the 4 I have. It is still a blue to purple shift but it is brighter than "Sleeping Beauty" Applied in 2 easy coats as well. 

Next is "Hat Trick"

Hat Trick is another duochrome holo and is burgandy to gold with a little touch of green. It is a lovely color and I think it again has the perfect amount of holo. Applied so great just like the others in 2 easy coats. 

Lastly is: "Hakuna Matata"

Swoon! I am a sucker for green. It really pops against my pale skin I think. The duchrome has green to dark blue with a tad bit of purple at some angles. Again, 2 easy coats and a lovely color. 

Glam Polish is an amazing brand. Besides my one mishap I am still a happy camper, and will most definitely get more. It is a really popular brand and it should be, it is gorgeous and creative. I searched their store and none of the ones in this post are still for sale, although most of the polishes retail for $11.00-12.00 each. 

Information about Glam Polish:

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