Monday, January 13, 2014

I am on Social Media - Come find me!

I have started to become a social media junkie. I want to get my polish line out to as many people as possible because I am so passionate about it. I want to share it with the world!

I have many outlets now that you can find information on just about anything nail related that I do. I have the polish line and my nail art.

Instagram (Times 3 - Crazy me!)

@dailyhuesnaillacquer - Everything related to my Polish Line included swatches from myselg and others, designs, updates etc.

@nailartjenn - All my nail designs and art that I do. I do have some polish line related posts as I am trying to build up my base on @dailyhuesnaillacquer you will see some of the same posts.

@nailartjenndestash - This is where I have been putting up some of the polish I have not used or just used one time. I have three full polish racks and I refuse to buy a forth (for now) so I have the colors, brands, and prices all including shipping information up on each photo

@nailartjenn - This is mostly a mashup of polish line and nail design. Short and sweet, ya know 140 or less. If it too brief to your liking, Instagram, Facebook and this lovely thing called a blog which you are currently reading will have more and more!

Facebook - or search for Daily Hues Nail Lacquer. This is my newest addition and I am trying to remember to place information here as well. Again, you can find swatches, and additional information, more than Twitter and IG.

I hope this helps you all out! I appreciate the support and love always!