Monday, January 6, 2014

Daily Hues Nail Lacquer - The Holographic Collection

Recently, I launched my holographic collection full of bright jewel tones with plenty of holographic goodness packed in. I just wanted to take a moment to discuss why you may not see as much holographic qualities as you may see in other brands like the very popular Color Club Holo line. I love that line and I own them all! 

First things first, I am not knocking or degrading any line that carries holo. Mine is different and not any better or any worse than those out there. I just wanted to let you know why my mine is different and why it does stand out. I love that holographic is such a happening trend. It is so much fun and with how many different qualities that holographic polish provides how could you not fall in love with it!?

With the holographic collection that I created, I used deep jewel tones that I didn't want to take away from. The colors are so magical and they are fit for a queen! If you aren't a queen I understand (me either) but these colors make me feel like it.  With the jewel tones wanted to add some extra goodness so duh, holo! I did not jam pack the polishes with holo like the above referenced Color Club line, the colors are also very light in comparison to the line that I created. The qualities that are provided in holographic nail polish still exist very much in my collection. The colors shift from darker to lighter in different lights, natural lights, camera with flash and also camera without. I hope this helps you understand why my holographic collection is different and why when you look at "just pictures" you may not see what you are used to seeing.

The top photo shows "Selina" in a lower light no flash, in a light box, the bottom photo shows with flash and you can still see the holographic properties, along with the color of blue that is totally different.

The collection is below:

This is "Emerson"

This is "Selina"

This is "Bellatrix"

This is "Cadence"
This is "Celia"