Friday, August 21, 2015

Review - Nail Nation 3000

Hey friends! I have been slowly gathering some Nail Nation 3000 polishes over the past couple of months so I figured it is about to swatch and review them. I have in total 7. Two were gifted to me by my dear friend Dvisha (@naiildazzlee on IG - follow her!) and I will be starting with those.

First up is a pretty and subtle red toned holo. It is called "Scooterific" it went on really well, and I did 3 thin coats for full coverage. The read leans towards magenta, and of course the holo is spectacular.

Next I have "Abby's Holo" Dvisha gave this to me because my daughters name is Abby! This is darker pink tone with lots of holo and little pink micro glitters throughout. This covered in two even coats. So pretty!

The next 5 I have are ones that I have purchased.
First up is "Pretty Guardian" an extremely delicate gold toned holo. It is such a pretty color, and when I put it on the first thing I thought was it would be perfect for a bride on her wedding day. Three thin to medium coats for full coverage

Next is "Too Many Colors Not Enough Time" which is appropriately named! It is a steel grey base with some purple and gold shifting / duo chrome properties with holo and lots of different colored micro glitters. So stunning!

I also bought "Dvisha" the custom color my dear friend collaborated on. It is a mulberry holo and goes on in 2 medium coats or if you apply less it would probably be done in 3 thin coats. I love this color!

I have "Vincenzo 2015" a pretty royal blue holo. The holos are not dissapointing! This went on in 2 medium coats as well and has a purple undertone. It is a great transition into fall colors.

Lastly, I have "Walk Of Fame Holo Top Coat" and I tried this on its own and over a creme purple. I think this is pigmented enough that it looks great on its own which you can see on my index and pinky fingers which is 3 thin coats, and then one coat over the creme purple. It almost washes out the under color a little too much. I think if it was a tad less pigmented you could see your under color come through more but still stunning and lovely on its own

All photos were taken outside in direct sunlight, with an iPhone6 no filter or altering have been done.