Friday, August 14, 2015

Mixed Mani Mania!!

My new favorite thing to do is mixed manis. I have always done an accent nail or just a more plain designed nail but now I am all about mixing textures and finishes too. I am so excited about a few manis I have done in the past couple of weeks.

Look at this fun and bright mani!

Colors used:
China Glaze "I Brake For Color"
Nail Nation 300: "Light Up the Night"
Wet N Wild "2% Milk"
Daily Hues Nail Lacquer: "Lace Thong"

The red, and gold go great together! I would not have normally done such a lighter color with the stamping either but I love how this mani came together. I used the trusty Creative Shop Stamper for the design.

The red from China Glaze went on really well and this is 2 thin coats. The gold from Nail Nation 3000 was awesome, it is a gold holo with super micro holo gold glitter throughout. This almost was a one coater but I went with a thinner second to just even out a couple spots.

The next mixed mani I have done in the past couple weeks is a purple / baby blue hybrid. I would normally never do a holo / glitter / creme mani. I would always try to stick to one finish but now I am in love with experimenting more.

Colors Used:
Fairytale Finish: "Long Summer Nights"
KBShimmer: "In Yacht Water"
Cupcake Polish: "Berry Good Looking"
Daily Hues Nail Lacquer: "Lace Thong"

I was so happy with this mani! How could you not? Berry Good Looking has had so much press in my Facebook Groups and every swatch is stunning. I love the color! A good 'ol regular swatch mani will be done with this one. This is 2 thin coats. If you apply heavier it will be 1 coat. KBShimmers In Yacht Water went on wonderfully. You can't go wrong with KBShimmer! And Fairytale Finish's applied lovely with no fishing for glitter and the color is stunning!! 

This next mani is WAY out of my comfort zone! 

Colors Used:
Polish Me Silly: "I Lost My Marbles"
Bear Pawlish: "Peek A Boo"
Gunpowder Lacquer: "Meet Me in Margaritaville"
Daily Hues Nail Lacquer: "Lace Thong"

I have always shied away from glitter crellies, only because I feel like I can't apply them well enough and look chunky and not smooth on my nail. I don't care anymore! I worked really slowly when applying Polish Me Sillys super adorable crelly and it came out great. The stamping with the skull with the bow, is super cute! And Bear Pawlish applied in 2 easy coats. GunPowder Lacquer pooled a bit around my cuticle so I had to do 3 thin coats and work slower with application. The color is stunning with blue flecks throughout. 

What do you think? Should I keep going with the craziness? 

XO, Jenn