Monday, August 24, 2015

Mentality Nail Polish - Thoughts and Update on my Refund Request

Hi friends,

As I am sure you know Mentality has had a rough few weeks, and the whole thing is unfortunate, but they are not handling it in the best of ways which is even more unfortunate. I actually sent them an email because I finally got around to double checking my recent orders from them and they were purchased during the effected time. I opened a couple of bottles and the smell was absolutely horrific. I sent an email yesterday requesting a full refund, then I come to find out that morning they made a statement that no more refunds would be processed. So what? I am out $60 bucks because of your mistake? If I don't hear anything, or I get some boilerplate response a PayPal claim will be filed. The best analogy I can use is - this isn't some shirt I bought, took the tags off and it was too small and then lost the receipt so the store isn't letting me return it. This is a medical concern and more than a concern for some who have endured extreme pain and medical issues with their nails. I have a 7 year old daughter who has asked to use those bright, eye catching polishes to paint her nails and I told her no. I took them off my rack and then she found them (she is a ninja I swear) and luckily I caught her before she tried to sneak them in her room and use them. I would have lost my marbles if she used them and had a reaction. She has extremely sensitive skin as it is. I will keep updating this post as responses / PayPal claims etc are forthcoming and ongoing.

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EDIT 1 - I have decided to just file a claim and go from there. I have a feeling if I let this sit and wait for a response I wont get one.
Here is my claim:

EDIT 2 - 48 hours have passed since my first initial email asking for a refund and no response. 24 hours have passed since my initial PayPal claim with no response. I have filed a full PayPal Claim and is under review. 

EDIT 3 - It looks like my claim has been somewhat accepted by PayPal and is now a waiting game since they are waiting for a seller response. If nothing happens by September 4 does PayPal refund me?
EDIT 4 - I got a response from Mentality yesterday (9/1/2015) asking I send the polish back and when they receive it I will get a refund. I immediately called PayPal directly and spoke to a really nice woman  named Paula. I explained the situation about how they are asking for the polish back but because no one really know what is in it that I did not feel safe sending it back via USPS ORM-D and she agreed. She also refunded both my claims while I was on the phone. Also, she mentioned she will be sending their information to the fraud department because these refunds were coming from PP and not MNP. She also mentioned I was her second call of the day regarding this issue.
I suggest you call and keep calling until someone responds in the correct manner at PP. It is well with it.