Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finding new or gently used polishes

There are easy ways within Instagram and Storenvy that I have been finding some new or swatched one time polishes at great prices! Lately the "destash" movement has been more and more popular on Instagram and Storenvy shops.

I even got in on the action and it is an easy for polish hoarders like myself to get rid of those not so favorite polishes and help other polish hoarders get some lemmings! It also allows polish hoarders to get some extra cash to buy more polish :) That is ultimately my goal!

There are a few easy ways to find who is having a destash sale on Instagram:

- Follow @nailthedeal as she reposts and organizes posts from Indie makers on sales, nail polish feens like myself advertising of a destash, and she also posts the circulars from Sunday papers and online deals from big box stores! She does an amazing job and she doesn't even have to do it but she does to help everyone else out!

- Search for the NEW hashtag created by @nailthedeal - #nailthedealdestash as we are enablers of each other
- Search hashtags like #destash and #polishdestash as not everyone is aware of the Nail The Deal information

- Go onto Storenvy and search Destash as well and you will find many stores open by polish lovers dedicated to their stashes!

- You can also go to my online Storenvy store Daily Hues Nail Lacquer as I am constantly updating with new polishes