Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bi-Monthly Limited Edition Box

Just a reminder on the current Bi-monthly Limited Edition duo, that is available until September 30 and the new duo is introduced on Oct 1.

I like to keep it a bit of a mystery, but as people order, and I repost photos on Instagram and Facebook the mystery fades a bit.

The October box will consist of a metallic fall color and a glitter bomb. You may have noticed that I have not done many glitter bombs in my regular line, I tried with a couple in fall 2014 collection as it is something that I am getting used to making. The glitter bomb in this bi-monthly limited edition box is a ton of fun though!

The first bi-monthly limited edition box was a;hit with the holo micro glitter polish.
All the polishes I make for the duos will never be made again or put into full production. They are named LE 1, and 2 the first box, and October - November will be LE 3 and 4

I am going to take December off to start a new bi-monthly box because November 1 will be the release of the Winter 2014 and the Christmas / Holiday Set!

The Schedule is pretty simple after that.
Jan-Feb, LE 5 and 6
Mar-Apr, LE 7 and 8
and so on...

I am trying to make these boxes super special and unique from my regular production to keep you all interested!

If there are ever any suggestions or questions you can always email me at
and I respond within 24 hours.