Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Review - Black Dahlia Lacquer

Hey lacquer loves!
I have three polishes to share with you from an upcoming indie brand expected to release in September! 
All three of these colors are really beautiful!
This brand is a mother, daughter duo and you can check them out currently on Facebook for updates / and other photos of their colors.

The first color I have for you is Strawberry Fields. It is a pretty lighter red shade, with little gold flecks / glitter. The red is so soft, and it isn't pink either. I love the subtle tones of this red. It is such a flattering color! 

The second color I have to show you is Amethyst Pansies. What a gorgeous pale purple holo! It is jammed packed with pretty holo and it again is a super flattering color. I would love to see this on a darker skin tone as well. 

The third color is Green Zinnia. This is a really pale blue with turquoise tiny flecks in it. This is a really pretty color as well. 

All in all this new brand I think is going to be great. It looks like they have taken their time to create this line. They are creative with their names too. The formula of their polishes is smooth. I did think Green Zinnia was a little on the runny side, but I adjusted how I applied and then it was fine. Also, the coverage is great. 2 Coats of Strawberry Fields, and Amethyst Pansies and 3 of Green Zinnia. The logo is nice, and I think you can notice right away who the brand is with their pretty red dahlia flower. I would suggest giving them a like on Facebook and checking out their Instagram @blackdahlialacquer for updates on releases and to see their other awesome colors!