Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dusty Hunting?!

Oh my gosh, so I must have been totally oblivious, because I would have never thought to go into a nail salon and go dusty hunting!

What is dusty hunting?
So simple, go check out your local nail salons, ask them if they will sell polish, and then hunt around!
You got to be a little brazen, because you don't want your nails done. I love the few posts I have found about dusty hunting because it is so true! You walk into a salon, see the glass counter with the register and underneath it, there is the dust bombs of nail polish that has never been touched. There may very well be some hard to finds, and very rare polish in there.

I am going today at lunch! Going to check out some salons close to my work for now and see what I can find.

This makes me so excited, I love to go treasure hunting. I have a list of polishes I have been wanting or dreaming after is more the term. If I find some I will post the results here and on my Instagram.

YAY! Wish me luck!